Among all the common elements, a special emphasis is given to illegal things teachers cant do.

These are more important things that strictly come under the law regarding a teacher’s responsibility.

However, the laws and rules differ by the constitution, state; countries, local and federal bodies.

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Here let us have a look at some of the common laws that are more or less similar to every entity.

1. Student Privacy

The teacher will have access to a lot of personal information with regard to the students they are handling. Laws clearly give emphasis to keeping the school record information private and not share or publish anywhere without the consent of the parents.

Let it be social media or any other media, handling the student information should be very careful. Disrespecting the student privacy can be an offense if parents approach the concerned court.

This also covers the personal information they share about their family in the course of study which they reveal out of trust.

However, the rules can be an exception in case the teacher comes across a scenario when students are mistreated at home or other public or private places. They should have a talk with the responsible school authority and report the instance to the respected center.

2. Supervision of Students:

Negligent supervision and the resultant mental agony faced by students can be an offense depending on the severity of the scenario.

Certain incidents in classrooms can even affect their mental harmony and make serious problems in the future.

So teachers will have to take special care not to hurt their feelings and offend them intentionally just to use the power.

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3. Respect For Students

The laws make it crystal clear that every student must be treated as a separate individual and the respect towards them should not be compromised.

Their age, culture, gender as well as socioeconomic conditions should be considered when handling a student.

Moreover, the teacher is not supposed to be partly based on culture or religion and treat everyone equal.

Similarly, respecting their consent is important when it comes to even touch a student and having any outside the classroom relationship with them.

Things can go worse if a teacher is found to be involved in any kind of sexual relationship with them despite the circumstances.

4. Limits on Discipline:

It is quite normal for a teacher to take care of the discipline of the students in the class to ensure quality learning time and improved productivity.

The teacher can involve in disciplining their students if their behavior or attitude is affecting the quality of teaching or harmony of the class.

He/she can report student behavior or attitude to concerned authority if other students are being affected in an unfair manner.

However, the laws have set a boundary line for the way teacher can discipline their students and handling incidents based on their jurisdiction.

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5. Punishing Students:

It is not that offensive for teachers to give friendly punishments for students who are not following the lessons regularly, scoring low in tests, coming late for class, lack of discipline and more.

However, the laws are in favour of students when teachers tend to cross the limit in punishing the students.

The guidelines clearly mention the importance of avoiding any acts that makes forceful punishments or any activities in the name of punishments that hurt their feelings.

If a student is seen as using a mobile phone or music player in classroom which is against the school policies, teacher can take it from them and give it back at the end of the day.

If the student refuse to give their belongings, it is not advisable to forcefully take it from them but to report it to the school head.

Similarly, teachers have to give back the student belongings the same day without causing any damage to them.

If a student complained about another student regarding bullying or intentionally disturbing through text messages, the teacher can go through the messages only in the presence of another teacher or school head.

And it is not advisable to view any other private content in the student mobile during the process.

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A good teacher has to be a good human being and that is the right way to mold up a student or correct their mistakes.

They should understand that every student is a separate individual and he/she should be treated well by giving enough personal space.

Teachers have to spend enough time on reading through all the guidelines or laws to be followed when being a responsible teacher to avoid future mishaps.