Technology aided teaching is a must in the new educational scenario. Interactive white boards have taken the place of traditional blackboards. Companies like SMART, Numonics, Promethean etc. have come up with different models of interactive whiteboards.

An Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) encompasses a large touch-sensitive screen that can be connected to a computer and a projector. The easy-to-use software enables teachers and students to operate IWBs with ease.

Why IWB?

Recent studies proved that visual cues can stay in our memory for a long period of time. Words give us only abstract ideas while visuals are concrete, which is easy to retain in the brain. The concept of IWB was emulated from this idea.

Here are a few advantages of Interactive Whiteboard

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1. Grabs the Attention of Students

Smart boards or IWBs can catch the attention of students easily because it shows a variety of videos on screen. IWBs are undoubtedly a relief from dry lectures. IWBs are helpful to generate curiosity of learning among students. Curiosity will definitely make learning an enjoyable and productive process.

2. Ensures Participation of Students

IWBs ensure participation of students through different kinds of education related-activities. Language teachers can use different online games to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

3. Preserves Data

Graphs, concept maps, diagrams etc. drawn on the interactive whiteboard can be saved for future references. This is indeed an amazing feature of IWB. Anything that is written on an Interactive Whiteboard can be saved and edited later. You can even share those data with students who were absent in class.

4. Can Easily Change Data into Graphs and Diagrams

Improvised versions of interactive whiteboards can change statistical data into graphs and diagrams. It is very difficult to communicate complex ideas to students without any teaching aids. Interactive graphs on IWB can teach abstract concepts clearly.

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5. Frees Teachers from Chalk Dust

IWBs uses only marker pen or digital pen to write on the screen. This feature relieves teachers as well as students from chalk dust. Some people are allergic to chalk powder. For such persons, IWB is definitely a boon.

6. Internet Accessibility 

An IWB can be connected to the internet. Students can watch educational videos, audios and images from internet as per demand. Smart options allow teachers to pause or restart the video while watching. This is an added advantage of IWB over tape recorder and CD/DVD player.

7. Organized and Structured Class

IWB will certainly help you to organize your class effectively.  Dynamic visualization will help your students to be focused and more attentive throughout the lecture. IWB saves time and helps you to finish your topic on time.