Educational toys for toddlers are known to develop educational, physical, emotional and social skills. While some toys teach how to recognize different voices and identify numbers or shapes, few others help them to walk and improve they’re fine motor skills.

Are you looking for a good educational toy for your kid? Here is a list of some awesome educational toys for toddlers that are worth buying.

1. Building Blocks Set

educational toys for toddlers

A basic building block set would be always the first choice when parents think about buying a simple but interesting toy for their kids.

A usual pack comes with several blocks that are designed in different colors and shapes.

This helps to inspire your child’s imagination while they make different shapes out of it.

This offers them hours of engaged screen-free hands-on play and learning.

2. Alphabet Island Game

educational toys for toddlers

Learning letters is a lot of fun than ever before while kids play this exclusively designed game.

Kids can get engaged with a hunt for alphabet treasures while developing vocabulary skills. This game offers a platform for letter recognition at its best and learns how to match upper- and lowercase letters.

3. Pretend & Play Doctor Kit

educational toys for toddlers

This is a really interesting toy game in which kids can take the role of doctors. They can make use of the medical tools in the pack to pretend as one and give wellness check to mom and dad. They can get engaged with lots of fun while experiencing the best of creative role play.

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4. Colour Matching Egg Set

educational toys for toddlers

Learn numbers and colors with fun!

The eggs are divided into halves and two of them will have the same color and number on the inner side.

The role of the kids is to correctly match the halves to form eggs.

5. Lego Number Train

educational toys for toddlers

Learning the numbers can be a lot of fun for kids while playing with this toy. They can construct the train using Lego blocks while they learn maths.

The blocks are flexible enough to rebuild the train to a tunnel, building, dog house and more.

It is designed to promote creative and imaginative play and its parts are even ideal for younger toddlers.

6. Toy Tool Box

This toy set comes with a set of colorful toy tools that engages kids with Mr. or Miss ‘fix it’ role play.

The pack includes pliers, spanners, wrench, hammer, etc.

The tools are perfectly sized for little hands and they can have a great time with imaginative play.

7. Shape Sorting Cube

This is a classic toy that comes with 12 shapes. Kids can learn to sort the shapes as well as recognize the different colors while playing with it.

Each shape is designed to fit into a particular hole on the cube which enhances their basic problem-solving skills.

8. Little Patient Doll

educational toys for toddlers

Kids will have lots of fun while exploring this little patient doll. All sorts of organs can be discovered by unzipping this adorable character.

A booklet that is usually provided with this toy will help them to identify each organ during their discovery.

9. Match It! Upper & Lower Case Letters

educational toys for toddlers

This set of game cards is ideal for kids of 3 years. Kids can learn about the English alphabet and more about upper and lower case letters in a fun way.

It comes with 26 self-correcting puzzle sets. Kids can play independently as the cards match only to the right set.

10. Walk-A-Long Puppy Pull Toy

educational toys for toddlers

Kids would love to take this pull toy along with them wherever they go.

They can make silly conversations and get a good feel of getting the company of a puppy.

Moreover, it encourages balance, coordination skills, and active play. They can easily push and pull and the interaction improves their motor skills.

11. Geometric Stacker

educational toys for toddlers

This toy pack comes with smooth pieces of easy to grasp shapes like rings, rectangles, and octagons.

The role of the kids is to match these shapes and stack them on rods. It can improve their hand-eye coordination and develop shape, color, and size differentiation skills.

12. Musical Rhymes Book

educational toys for toddlers

This cool toy can deliver exactly what a toddler needs the most as it is both fun and educational at its best.

It is interactive, fun and entertaining and the twisting and sliding of play pieces develop fine their motor skills.

It features several classic nursery rhymes and baby songs that engage them for hours.

13. Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

educational toys for toddlers

This baby-friendly musical toy is designed to promote music appreciation and auditory development among kids.

It comes with an easy to press button that helps kids to toggle between interesting music options.

The moving colorful lights on the screen promote visual perception.

14. Match It! What Goes Together

educational toys for toddlers

The educational toy for toddlers is designed with two-piece puzzles that teach the concept of association. They can learn about the purpose of different objects while they match the puzzles. They can play independently as the puzzle pieces will connect only to the right match allowing them to self-correct the decision.

15. Little People Big Animal Zoo

educational toys for toddlers

Kids will have a lot to discover with this creative toy. The natural movement of the animals can be learned and recreated with the movable ears, head, and legs.

The little ones can have a fun time feeding them, cleaning and measuring their weight using animals’ feeding bin, a measuring stick and weighing scale that comes with the pack.

16. Abacus

educational toys for toddlers

This is an awesome counting educational toy for toddlers. The toy is designed with 100 beads.

Kids can have a lot of fun while playing with this toy that gives them practice for counting skills.

They can also learn more about early math and basic logical thinking skills.

17. Ramp Racer

educational toys for toddlers

This is an awesome race track for toddlers that come with 4 cars. It can be purchased as a fully assembled toy and is compact enough to be stored in small shelves.

Kids can set a car on top and it races down to bottom one level at a time. This is good to engage a 2-year-old kid with movements, speed, and sound.

18. Classic Bead Maze

educational toys for toddlers

This is an interesting educational toy for toddlers that are designed to improve their color and shape recognition from the early days.

The design comes with brightly colored and multi-shaped beads that slide along roller-coaster wires.

This easy to grip the toy enhance their motor skills, as well.

19. Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

educational toys for toddlers

Kids can sing and learn with this mind-blowing toy piece.

It functions like a real microphone as the baby’s voice gets amplified and encourages their creative expression.

Different instruments are also introduced to them and a cute puppy button encourages them to sing along.

20. Play Kitchen Starter Play Set

educational toys for toddlers

This amazing plate and utensils set are great for imaginative play that boosts their creativity.

Parents can encourage them to take part in role play and they will have a better understanding of the uses of cookware, basic food, and utensils right from an early age.

21. Touch and Learn Activity Desk

This interesting toy comes with a desk and chair that engages them for hours.

This interactive desk has options to learn numbers, letters, counting and identify common fruits and colors.

Most of these toy models come with a built-in music player and a chalkboard where they can draw.

22. Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

This educational but fun picnic kit encourages kids to do activities like sorting, stacking, matching, filling the basket and emptying.

The development of motor skills is the key while they can sing and dance along to the music that is played.

23. Baby’s Learning Laptop

This is a perfect toy for the growing babies and toddlers in this digital age.

It gives them a realistic experience with different keyboard keys and a movable mouse.

While they interact with different modes, they can learn about shapes, feelings, objects, and music.

24. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

This mind-blowing educational toy for toddlers is a great option to help kids to master the art of writing.

The toy guides them while they write letters and numbers on the screen and gives them feedback straight away to correct them.

It usually comes with an attached stylus designed particularly for little hands. They can move up from level 1 to 2 and more while they progress.

25. Catch & Count Fishing Game

This interesting game pack is designed to improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

It comes with a mesh bag which acts as the pond during the play.

While they catch and count the fish, they learn to explore shapes, color, numbers, counting, and big and small concept.

26. Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

This is ideal for kids of 2 years and more. It comes with different ice cream scoops, cones, toppings, and cards.

Kids are engaged with ordering instructions and activity challenges. It is indeed an interactive play experience as it features 200+ phrases and sounds and the magnetic scooper identifies flavors and colors.

27. Lego Young Builders Suitcase

If your kids have moved far from basic learning toys, this imaginative builder’s suitcase can be a good choice.

It comes with over 1000 colorful Lego bricks and kids can create anything that triggers their imagination like animals to landmarks.

They will never run out of ideas as the pack even has wheels, eyes, and lights to make the builds creative.

These are just a few among the many interesting toys for toddlers available to purchase online or in retail stores.

Having a few of these toys at home can help them to master many skills while they grow up.

Moreover, these toys are designed to engage them for a while and distract them from unwanted deeds that cause a headache for parents.

Once they master different skills through these toys, it will be very easy for them to get going once they join the school.

Enthusiasts have designed toys for each particular age group like 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and more that includes attributes specially meant for them.

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Parents can choose the toys wisely and help the toddler to grow smarter.

There is no better way to introduce new concepts to kids in a fun and engaging manner.