Nowadays students take control of their own learning process. Where once it was all school and homework, the online world has revolutionised the learning.

But most of us think that internet isn’t favorable for studying as we believes that it only contains social media and some videos. But no, we were wrong as there are several websites designed mainly to manage everyday life, learn new skills and is also helpful for students to study for their exams.


      Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier

By using these online tools, students can categorize, personalise, learn, improve and test themselves and its format can suit their learning style.

These can help students of all age group for all their upcoming exams. Most of the sites included in this lists have upgraded their packages but every site has free tools for all the students.

Just use them and see which is worthy for you as these educational tools can make your learning easy.

Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier [Infographics]