The gaming industry has merged learning in online and app games. No need to have flashcards, whiteboards, or textbooks. Modern games are giving top-notch learning experience to students.

Here, in this article, you can find a list of interactive educational game options.

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1. Dragon Box

Algebra is not a favorite subject for many students. The problem is the complexity and boredom that don’t allow some students to understand this subject.

For all those students, Dragon Box is a suitable learning game to solve equations and know the concepts behind everything. This game uses the visual elements to make Algebra interesting for kids. For example, a student can actually visualize the two sides available in a closed system. Then, the game requires students to remove the unnecessary components and balance an equation.

Visualization of this game allows students to stay excited and prepare their mind for the equations they would explore in school. The best part of this game is that students eventually forget that they are trying to solve a mathematics problem. Everything just looks like a game.

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2. Code Spells

Almost every parent knows the importance of teaching codes to their kids. Coding has become the second most valuable skill after language. This game is perfect for students who admire coding skills. Even if coding is not a major subject in your school, you can use Code Spells to make coding a fun task.

The concept of game is helping gnome characters to complete several tasks. Gnomes use magic, but those magic spells have to be in a Java code. This educational game has proven to be effective for girls and boys to learn to code in an effortless manner.

3. Mind Snacks

Learning phrases and forming words is now easier in foreign languages. Mind Snacks is providing Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Japanese language knowledge. This app uses touch game options to help students memorize games. The repetition creates a memory of a word or phrase in the mind of the player.

This game is saving kids from wasting hours without learning a single word. More effective than textbooks, Mind Snacks feeds foreign language to the students with fun and playful games. One can play this game when traveling, waiting in a line or at any other time.

4. Scribble Naughts

Kids from 8 to 11 years of age can use this game to resolve creative problems by indulging in imaginary scenarios. The game focuses on the spelling, creativity and logic sides of education. A player receives challenges to solve with their creative solution. A variety of scenarios can come to life and make puzzles and challenges more interesting to solve.

Kids can even create their own puzzles to share them with their friends. This game cultivates spontaneous creativity in kids.

5. Game Star Mechanic

It is pretty difficult to teach students game designing skills in early ages. Game Star Mechanic does this job with great excellence. This game develops creative designing instincts in kids. Logical steps presented as options allow kids to learn game designing.

Players can create games on their own and share them with friends and family. This game has successfully created a huge community of designers. Even teachers use this game to teach life skills and creative problem-solving.

6. SimCity

Educational properties, productivity, and seriousness of this game impress students. Players love the fact that SimCity starts understanding their minds with time.

The creators of SimCity has given another version called SimCity EDU. This version incorporates all classroom learning requirements related to Technology, Science, Mathematics and even Engineering. Kids play this game to create virtual cities and also learn how to plan urban lifestyle and manage it all.

The framework is holistic and covers all details of a city, which allows kids to innovate in their own style. Students who aspire to become an architecture fall in love with this game.

7. Math Ninja

Students at their early education require learning subtraction, addition, multiplication and other mathematics fundamentals. The idea of this game is to make kids enjoy mathematics through appealing graphics. Adding ninjas to anything creates an excitement in the minds of students. The same thing happens with this game.

The ninjas in this game are presented in a glossy style. The enduring game format gives challenges that a ninja fulfills with the solutions that the player finds. Repetition of mathematical problems and creative approach allows students to retain the concepts of mathematics. Math Ninja is available on iPad.

8. Mindblown Life

Teaching finance and money management should be a necessity. Every kid has to face money in his or her life. Hence, parents should teach kids about managing money. This game can help out in that process in a fun way.

Designed for teens, Mindblown Life allows kids to understand money and manage it in a virtual environment. Many players can play together and interact while playing. This game teaches how life requires you to balance professional and personal things at the same time. In all that, money management decides whether a player wins or loses.

This game is definitely a great help to parents and students.

9. Dora’s Cooking Club

Most young kids love the character, Dora. Hence, Dora’s Cooking Club would be a suitable choice for them to learn and play with their favorite character. This game teaches fractions, numbers, Spanish and shapes as well.

Dora helps her grandmother in this game to prepare a meal. This game is way better than a workbook. Kids indulge in an activity and remember things that they learn during the game.

10. Civilization Revolution

How about you teach your teen kid about the history, culture, and empires in a fun way. Civilization Revolution allows older students to gain historical knowledge and use them to create their own empire. The game focuses on some of the most popular societies that have a long history.

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Use all these games and allow kids to learn in a better way.

Make sure you ask kids about their interests before choosing a game.

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