Nowadays, technology has really revolutionized the way we live so as our education. Keeping this in mind, we Edsys is providing relevant and useful information via blogs regarding the things which are necessary for teachers as well as students.

Here is the list of those 15 popular Edsys blogs in 2017:

21 Inspirational Movies That Every Student Must Watch

Students need regular motivation to achieve their goals. Movies can be a part of it so as that we can motivate them through stories of great personalities. Nowadays there are easy and effective ways to inspire them. Inspirational movies! Here we are showcasing few inspirational movie names, which can be used to motivate students.

15 Fun Riddles Help in Solving Math Problems

Learning math seems to be a tough task for many children. If you are a mathematical wizard or a beginner, making use of fun riddles can boost your numerical abilities and can make you a math lover. Some such fun riddles are shown here.

16 Innovative Ideas to Make Your Teaching Methods More Effective

Want to make every student of class listen to you, then applying effective teaching methods. Effective and interesting teaching methods can make students attentive in your class. Here are some innovative ideas for teachers to reinvent their teaching methods and make their classes more interesting.

12 Benefits of Using Apps in Education

Technology has changed the way we learn. Now you can educate your children through a mobile app as there are lots of education apps accessible. These apps are making things easier for children to understand with moving animations which can make learning fun to the core. And also has many more benefits, here we are showing few.

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective School Management Software

School management is an important part of any educational system. School authorities are trying hard to manage the school efficiently as managing school affairs is not at all an easy task. So as a solution for this, we introduce school management software. Here are its characteristics so that you can understand more about it.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About

Global positioning system or GPS is a tool used to measure distance and to help identify the location any place in the world. The fact is that it is an amazing tool that can do many things than just tell you where you are. Here we are showcasing few interesting facts about GPS.

Significance of Hygiene in Schools

Schools not only provide knowledge, but also play an important role in shaping the personality of a person. Along with knowledge, a student also learns lessons of honesty, discipline and cleanliness from school and therefore, it is essential for a school to maintain a hygienic atmosphere. Now we explain the significance of hygiene in schools from our blog.

10 Activities for Teachers to Grow Leadership Skills in Children

Teachers can give children opportunities to serve in leadership roles. They can teach the skills required for students to take on leadership roles now and in the future. Here are 10 activities for teachers to grow leadership skills in children.

10 Ways Critical Thinking Plays an Important Role in Education

Critical thinking should be motivated. Normal concepts of learning are losing its charm. The main goal of education is to promote students’ critical thinking, not making them reflect like a parrot. There are many ways from which critical thinking plays an important role in education. Few are which are mentioned and explained in our blog.

7 Companies Involved In E-Learning And Smart Education

Technology has developed over the years in almost every field. With the development of technology, way of education has also moved on from old tools like the abacus, pencil and paper to PCs, laptops and mobiles. E-learning and smart education is also an example of technological development. Many companies are involved in this field; some of them are listed in the blog.

4 Innovative Teaching Methods to “WOW” Your Students

Now, the traditional teaching methods such as textbooks, blackboard, etc have changed to computer-aided presentations. With the hasty rise in technology, there are further developed teaching techniques available. And so, it is perfect time to change the usual teaching method that has been used in classrooms for many decades. Here we are showing you 4 innovative teaching methods to “WOW” your students.

40 Free Educational Websites You Shouldn’t Miss

Gone are the days when you can gain knowledge only from classrooms and lecture notes. Thanks to the internet, education is now reachable to a larger group of folks who actively seek it. One such way is going for free educational websites. It can hone the skills of students and update their knowledge bank. In our blog we listed 40 free educational websites that you shouldn’t miss out.

Grades and Students: Psychological Effects of Grades on Students

The main function of the grades is to inform the parents, guardians and others how the student is performing in studies. This is to be done with most attention and care and without any prejudice or partiality. It is a very private thing; unfortunately, it is done in a very public way. But sometimes it affects the students in a psychological way which is mentioned in our blog.

25 Things Teachers Shouldn’t Do in the Classroom

Teachers’ should be an ideal role model for their students as students spent more time in school that at home. They should analyze their students and teach according to that which enables children to learn and develop well. Along with these, we have listed certain things in our blog which a teacher should avoid in the classroom.

Role of School Students in Disaster Management

Disaster Management is a systematic process to secure the lives and property of folks from unexpected natural and man-made crises. All in an attempt to lessen the loss caused by a disaster, the student community teamed with groups of teachers has made its strong presence to help communities to better deal with crises. Here we explained in detail regarding the role of school students in disaster management.