This article is here because we all know that living away from home and mum’s food can be devastating,


both for taste buds and health. We have all been there and faced that! While there is only little you can do about ensuring the wellness of your taste buds, there is so much you can do to maintain your health.

These 20 easy to make meals are your guide to staying healthy in your dorm room.

1. Mac and Cheese

One of the easiest dishes to make in your dorm room. Cheese is always a healthy food and mac doesn’t harm your health either. Just add some mac and cheese in a cup along with some water. Keep this in the microwave and let it boil. Your delicious and simple delicacy is ready.

2. Sandwich


This is, again, one of the easiest things to make for a student. All you need is a sandwich toaster for a gadget. Get whole wheat bread and add some veggies in between the 2 slices like the cucumber, tomatoes, potato, capsicum etc. This makes for a really healthy meal.

3. Scrambled Eggs


You will see a few more egg dishes down the list but this probably is the easiest to make. Boil a few eggs, mash them up after removing the shell and then fry it along with some veggies and spices for a delicious and proteinaceous meal.

4. Milkshakes

There is no denying the fact that milk sure is nutritious but there is another fact that college students, more often than not, don’t like drinking milk.

However, milkshakes are quite popular among students and if they are fruit milkshakes like mango shakes or banana shakes, and then it becomes even more nutritious.

5. Cornflakes with Hot Milk

If cold milk is not exactly your favorite then you might go for cornflakes with hot milk. This makes for a fantastic breakfast and can be made really quickly.

6. Soup


Dried soup powders packets are easily available these days and you can make the most of it. Soups are nutritious, fulfilling and available in multiple flavors like tomato soup, hot & sour soup etc.

 7. Stuffed French Toasts


Cut slices of bread and soak them in milk and churned eggs and fry them. Don’t protest that fried isn’t healthy.

Occasionally, fried stuff is important as well and eggs and milk more than make up for it. You can further stuff them with Nutella to make them more delicious.

8. Bacon Cheese Pasta


Bacon is expensive but most non-veg stuff is that. However, it is equally nutritious as well. Bacon combined with pasta make a fantastic dinner. Make it in olive oil and garnish them with coriander leaves

9. Avocado Toast

Avocados are the latest hot trending food option. That coupled with a pair of crisp toasts make for an exciting meal. Dealing with Avocado to spread it over bread is some work though.

 10. Mashed Potatoes and Spinach


Any kid can easily boil a few potatoes and mash them up later. Add to it some spinach to make it really nutritious and couple it with whatever bread you like and enjoy your easy meal.

 11. Fried Rice


If you love Chinese food then this healthy vegetable rice mashup is a perfect deal. Don’t forget to keep the soy sauce in control to avoid burning your tongue.

12. Omelet


Sure that’s a pretty obsolete dish but is healthy and surely is pretty easy to make. Chopped onions and tomatoes along with black pepper make it more delicious.

13. Mexican Corn

Well, this is another cup dish that can be made in a microwave. This can be eaten as such or add accessories like quesadillas or some cheese to add some more flavours to it.

14. Microwaved Salmon


Yes, it is that easy! It might not be as delicious as the ones you eat at a restaurant but don’t drop the idea as yet. You might surprise yourself with how good it turns out to be.

15. Banana Oatmeal

Well, is there anybody who can contest how healthy oatmeal is! Go on to add some frozen or fresh bananas.

16. Ramen Noodles

You might ponder if those thread like things in cup packs are nutritious or not but adding a few vegetables especially the likes of spinach, capsicum and tomatoes can indeed make it really nutritious. What else do you even ask for!

17. Microwave Steamed Broccoli


Well, Broccoli has recently hit the trends and for all the right reasons. It definitely is attractive and nutritious for starters. It might not taste that good but it all depends on your taste buds and your ability to develop a taste. So why not give it a try and if it works you get another easy meal in your list.

18. Nachos

We know what you are thinking. It isn’t a joke. You can actually make Nachos at home and all you need to do is get a pack of raw Nachos that are ready to eat once microwaved. Just add loads of cheese and fresh veggies before dropping it in the microwave.

19. Egg Fried Rice


We have talked about scrambled eggs, we have talked about omelet and we have talked about Fried rice. Mix any of the egg dish types with rice and then fry it and you are in for a great and delicious meal.

20. Pizzas


Yes, we know pizzas are counted in junk food but take our word for it, it’s more about those restaurant pizzas that have minimum veggies and loads of calories. At home add loads of nutritious veggies, get whole wheat pizza base and control the amount of cheese and you are in for a decently healthy yet nutritious food.

Hey, we know your mouth sure is watering by now! So what are you waiting for? Get your cooking hats on and try out these interesting dishes.

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