It’s Christmas time. Yippee!

A fun day with family and gifts.

But the most important thing is sharing and appreciating each other.

Time to decide on what gifts we are going to give our family, friends and our loved ones.

We might even spend a lot of time thinking what would the person like the most as a Christmas gift?

Maybe just a greeting card or a watch or some toy. But what can you gift a teacher?

Read till the end to get awesome ideas on gifting your teacher on Christmas Eve.

1. Anything handmade

Teachers don’t expect any gifts from their students. But, it’s Christmas.

The eve of gifting.

What makes a gift so special is how it is made?

Handmade gifts are really awesome to receive and it shows how much love and effort you have put in it.

Starting from a handmade greeting card to a hand-woven sweater or even socks will make your teacher literally happy.

You might even turn out to be the Teacher’s favourite student.

>>Greeting Card<<


A simple card with decorations and a personal message is always a good gift.

Try making a pop-up card or a musical card. Write your personal message and gift it to your teacher. Nothing is bigger than a personal message.


It’s an epic fact that people feel absolute pleasure when someone gifts them with something they have poured all their effort into. In that list, knitted scarfs and sweaters never betray us. It is a sure thing that it would impress anyone. If you know how to knit, don’t hesitate to show off your skills. Just take the thread and start knitting. A good scarf can protect your teacher from cold weather.

This gift would just make her so happy that she will pamper you so much that even if you don’t complete your homework, you will get an excuse. LOL.



What’s Christmas without cookies? Make some homemade cookies for your teachers on this beautiful day.

Home-made chocolates are an excellent choice of the gift if you have enough time to make them.

Best secret Santa gift is chocolates stuffed stocking or socks. Chocolates show love and passion and that is what Christmas is all about.

>>Wish upon a Star<<

Make origami stars and gift it to make their house beautiful. Origami stars are easy to make and require only a piece of paper. Creating a piece of art for your teacher will sweep them off the floor.

2. Personalized Gifts

Is your teacher a coffee or a juice lover?

Try buying a mason jar or a coffee mug. Try personalizing it but printing your teacher’s favourite lines from a poem or novel, or his picture, etc. every time he uses it, he will remember you and cherish the moment.

Drinking coffee in a personalized mug will always be the best gift to a person. Personalizing the gift will indicate that you have put your effort on gifting. It is really easy and simple and you need not worry whether they will like it as it has their favourite piece of art in it.

3. Invitation to dinner

Is your teacher staying alone for Christmas? Family in other country or unable to visit them this Christmas?

Just send a personal invitation to your teacher inviting him/her to your family dinner.

Christmas is all about family and sharing. So invite your teacher and make his dinner the best dinner he has ever had.

A teacher might bring a cake or a gift when he arrives for the dinner. Invite him with a bouquet or a glass of wine. You can also plan an after dinner party and play a few games. This will indulge the people together and create a personal connection with your teacher. Connecting with people is what matters when it comes to Christmas.

4. Decorations For Tree

Who wouldn’t want their Christmas tree to have more ornaments and decorations? If you want to give a gift to your teacher and his family, just go for some tree decoration items like stars, candies etc.


This gift of decoration will be showcased on their Christmas tree and they will remember you forever. You can also get them hanging snow globes, snowflakes that symbolize the season.

5. Books

There is no wrong time to gift a book. Especially to a teacher, gifting books can be an overwhelming great idea. Find out your teachers favourite novel or favourite author and buy them a book. Gifting a book may seem an easier way, but it will be of no use if you gift the same book your teacher already has. Find out his taste and buy a book of that genre. Books can be really satisfying and will stay longer with them as they are unperishable.

6. Gift cards

If you totally have no idea of what to buy, just gift them a gift card or a gift token. Gift cards are prepaid cards of stores where your teacher can select own gifts for themselves. If your teacher is a music lover, gift him an iTunes gift card. From Walmart to Starbucks all accept gift cards. This can lessen your pressure of buying the perfect gift.

7. Candles

Fragrance candles are a good idea.,They light up one’s mood. Fragrance candles are not only for lovers or crush. Fragrance candles are something that is used to light up the whole house. Candles are also available in different fragrances. From scent of Christmas tree to gingerbread, from hot chocolate to scent of snow, these fragrance candles will remind Christmas Eve to the person being gifted.

8. Music lovers

If your teacher loves music, buy him/her an album of their favourite artist. Or buy a music player if it comes within your budget. Music albums might be old-fashioned with all iTunes and online streaming. But, nobody hates to have their own physical collection of their favourite artist. You can also buy them headphones or a Bluetooth headset. Might seem materialistic yet it would be the perfect fit for your beloved teacher.

9. Pen Drives

To gift something that is very useful to a teacher, you can always rely on buying a pen drive. Pen drives are cheaper and will be very useful for the teacher. Data storage devices are much needed now a day as everything is computerized.  Customized pen drives are also available.

10. Others

Gifts do not always have to be costly.

It’s Christmas, just chill.

Go to the store next door and browse through all options available within your budget. From socks to indoor plants, from flowers to fragrances, everything will be a delightful gift for Christmas.

Christmas is an auspicious day when we get to thank everyone for being there in our lives. It becomes more special when you gift your teacher, as they are the most important people because they shape your future. They have spent their precious time and life bringing your talents to the world and trying to make you a better person. So it is worth it to stress a little on what could make a pleasant gift for them.

Merry Merry Christmas!