Just before you step out of the school days and enter the college phase, students should have a clear mindset of their career path.

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Parents and teachers can help them to sort out what is good for them and choose a major in college that can help them to pursue a good career.

A career in arts is always a tough decision as there are a lot of factors to analyze before you land into it.

Unlike many other career areas, one should think twice before pursuing a career in arts.

However, a career in arts is still worth pursuing provided you take into consideration some indispensable elements.

Every career choice comes with a lot of pros and cons and it varies with the different individuals and their perspective about life.

Here let us have a look into the benefits one can experience if they choose a career in arts.

1. Flexible schedule:

One of the key benefits of pursuing a career in arts is the chance of working in a flexible schedule. Being an artist gives you the flexibility of working as a freelancer or owing a business in arts.

Most of the artists work at the comfort of their home studio and thus gets the privilege of working at the time they prefer.

They may take a break during week days or day time and work during night or weekends if they prefer so.

2. Do what You Enjoy: A person with an artistic mind would always prefer a career in arts as they get the privilege of following their passion.

Though you may be busier at times, you will be completely free for some days. Moreover, you can be picky about the types of jobs you can handle in most of the art platforms like photography or fine art.

 3. Express yourself artistically: In a typical job you choose just for monetary benefits, you will be just doing a mechanical job all day long.

However, an artistic career can give opportunities to express yourself artistically and be in the company of people who have interest in arts. You can stay more relaxed in an artistic job ambience while polishing the creative side in you every now and then.

Choosing a career as an art therapist even offers a chance to help suffering people around you.

4. No pressure of typical 8 hours job: Most of the other career roles demand an 8 or 9 hours office job in their location.

However, being an artist gives you the privilege of working at your comfort and preferred time. Escaping from the pressure of working for continuous hours despite the state of mind or health condition is a great plus when it comes to the flexibility and freedom offered for an artistic profile.

You can just do it when inspiration strikes or upon a customer request. As most of the artists charge per piece, you can just take a break for rest of the month if your preferred budget for the month has already been met.

5. Exposure to variety of platforms: Unlike in the past, the arts career is not just limited to painting and drawing.

Technological advancements are offering a great exposure for artists in various platforms such as advertising, graphic design, marketing, desktop publishing, and video game development.

If You are an artist but prefers to be in the lime light of modern world technology, starting off you career in graphic design can add a lot of value to your profile and earnings.

Top IT companies globally have a high demand for designers who can build some unique design for marketing their business.

6. Excel with self learning:

This is a career which a person can master with a dedicated time for self learning.

If you have an artistic mindset, pursuing a degree is not a big deal but how you prosper your talent through enough self learning helps.

Even if you look for a master’s degree in your preferred field of arts, it is not expensive like psychology, medicine, or science.

You can easily earn good money out of your career if you polish your talents and stay unique.

Be disciplined and self motivated to explore more, practice and learn more through research, reading or online tutorials.

7. Potential for High Earnings:

Unlike other career roles, there is no limit for the money you can earn through your artistic skill.

There is high potential for high earnings if you have a unique skill and you have the ability to market yourself well.

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If you can invest some time in proper marketing and identifying and reaching the right audience, you can make a decent living far more easily.

You can stay connected with arts schools or groups so that you can easily market your profile and get connected to the people who want your work.

And if your skill set is in areas such as 3-D, video game design, or special effects, the situation is different as people come chasing you with offers.

8. Work lasts forever:

In a typical office job, there will be an age limit for the period you can work for.

However, an artistic career can be endless, till the period you prefer to work.

As artists work at the comfort of their home or personal studio, they can continue to work for as long as they want to.

For fine arts and photography, age is not a barrier and it can be more relaxing for them in their old age as they enjoy what they do.

They can even spend quality time with their grand children while passing on the talents to the next generation.

9. Be your own Boss:

An artist can believe in their own talents and create something out of nothing and thus be your own boss.

Seeing your work shown in a gallery setting and people acknowledging and admiring you can make you feel good about yourself.

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Seeing applause for your work and people rushing to see your creativity can give an unparalleled feeling of recognition.

Also they can communicate better with society, family and environment in their own unique ways.

If you have a love for art and you cannot imagine yourself pursuing a differ career, then it is always advisable to try a luck out of it.

Just like the many advantages of pursuing a career in arts, here are a few disadvantages you have to look for before choosing an artistic career.

1. No stable income:

Unlike in most of the other typical office jobs, the income always remains unstable and uncertain for an artist.

It simply depends on the demand for your artistic work and the differing taste of the audience.

It also varies with the uniqueness of your art, the way you market your product and the competitors in your field.

However, the case can be different and the income can be far more stable if you choose to be an art teacher in school or college or work in a library or university.

2. Creativity under Pressure:

A creative person always needs a personal space and a relaxed working ambience to polish the talents and bring the best out of their uniqueness.

But if you choose to work for a company as a designer or animator, you will have to work under pressure which kills your creativity.

Also if you prefer to work independently, the rush of creative persons and limited job options demand you to work creatively under pressure to outsmart the competitors.

1739 A creative person may also undergo a phase when their thought process gets blocked and you will have to stay out of work for days or months which eventually affects your earnings.

3. Less demand for jobs:

The demand for many art jobs are really less while compared to the present trend of IT or white collar jobs.

Also the job security will be at bay if you go for a business or an independent career.

How you prosper simply depends on your timely creativity and the effort you make to stay unique.

Some people may give preference to the monetary benefits when choosing a career while some others prefer the job satisfaction or doing something they really love than some mechanical routine jobs.

So an artistic career can still be a good choice for those who have a love for arts and enjoy being in an ambience they love.

Moreover, they might get an opportunity to work with people who have an artistic mind and thus share their ideas or thoughts with people who value it.