One of the best habits to be developed among students is reading as it can really transform the way they see the world. This not only improves the vocabulary but also help them to get new models for academic writing and enhance cognitive skills.

In the case of college students, many of the books can be inspiring and motivating and the right books can even guide them to a better future.

This is the time when they get started to exploring the real world. Having a good role model and a better perception about the world around can help them to grow successful.

There are a lot of inspirational books that can be a good guide to college students which are a must read before they move out of campus.

Here are a few inspirational books for college students that can be added to the check list of inspirational write ups for college students.

1. Mastery: This is a truly inspiring book written by Robert Greene which guides anyone about the art of teaching. The book is in fact a step by step tool kit that helps you to take the path of mastering any skill. Critics have rated it as an in-depth guide for an outside the classroom learning experience.

2. Eat, Pray, Love: This awesome write up from the pen of Elizabeth Gilbert teaches you the importance of self discovery. And it inspires you to find a new life for yourself despite whatever hardships life offers you. The book tells the story of a woman who fought her life to find happiness for herself without bothering about pleasing others. Her story makes the point that it is never too late to make wise decisions in life and have a better life.

3. Man’s Search for Meaning: This is one of the best insightful self-help books from the great author Viktor Frankl which showcases an understanding of what factors are driving mankind. It can be a great guide on what can motivate you in your life and how we can find a true meaning of our own lives..

4. The 4-Hour Workweek: This is a really inspiring book from the author Tim Ferriss that teaches you how any person can work for themselves, build lifestyle businesses, and explore the world despite who you are. This good read can help you to overcome the frightening walls of entrepreneurship and inspires you to follow non-traditional routes to success. Many readers have shared positive experiences on how the book taught them to re-think the work in the present age and work towards success.

5. Year of Yes: This is one of the best reads from the author Shonda Rhimes who has made a remarkable impact on the world of television with some strong characters. The book shows the importance of overcoming your fears in life to stay successful. The author shares an experience through her book which helped her to overcome her fears. The simple strategy was to say ‘yes’ to whatever things she feared for complete one year which has drastically changed the way she saw the world around.

6. The Defining Decade: This is one of the best books for students in their 20s which came from the pen of Dr. Meg Jay. Early adulthood is the time when most of you make your lifestyle choices and the book helps you to make a rethinking about the common choices that are usually made. The book will motivate you to invest more in yourself, relationships, career and life rather than just optimising for freedom.

7. A Brave New World: This novel which was referred as “a negative utopia” by the author himself was from the pen of Aldous Huxley. Through his book, he tries to picture the future world where happiness is important while individuality is compromised. He raises some questions to the young readers and tries to get the answers from them. He proposes his concerns like the importance of accepting things as it is or making an attempt to resist the system.

8. You Do You: This is a great book from Sarah Knight who is renowned as New York Times bestselling author. The book can highly influence any youngster to find happiness and live the life to the fullest. In order to achieve the same, the author advices to discover and live out the true self through this book. She advices you to be careful enough to not allow anyone else to come into your life and control over your happiness.

9. Never Eat Alone: An interesting write up from the authors Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz talks about gearing you up in building your network right from your early adulthood. This is an important factor for future success. Never Eat Alone can be a good guide you can keep through your life as relationships in different phases of life can help you out in unexpected ways at unexpected times.

10. Deep Work: This good read from the pen of Cal Newport is one of the best when it comes to books on productivity. In this modern world which is full of distracting elements such as hand gadgets and social media, gaining that peace of mind and a dedicated time for any work can be quite challenging. The book showcases the importance of uninterrupted concentration. The concept of deep work matters a lot for notable results and guides you with some practical strategies.

11. My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown: The term ‘unknown’ may not be a comfortable element in your life but Meera Lee Patel inspires you to use this factor to uncover your talents. While reading this book, you can experience an illustrated journey of life that helps you to overcome many fears and utilize the unseen opportunities. The book is rich with personal reflections, interesting quotes as well as questions for you to make a rethinking about your perceptions.

12. The Art of Learning: This great write up from Josh Waitzkin is a best motivator on how to rebuild you to a better self-educator. The author himself is recognized as an expert in multiple fields and he has shared the art of learning that helped him in his life through this book. Anybody can use the book as a guide and customise the learning strategies referred in this book to apply in their real life.

13. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easya(ish) Steps: College phase is an important time when you move out from your childhood to your adulthood and the transition phase can be challenging for the most of you. This interesting book from Kelly Williams Brown teaches you how to act like an adult even when you actually don’t feel the same inside. The book covers special elements such as diverse strategies of conquering the world and tips and tricks about life and love.

14. The Power of Habit: This awesome write up from Charles Duhigg teaches you the importance of developing good habits in life while busting down the bad ones. The book introduces a simple system that covers elements such as routine, cue and reward that can be applied to alter your automatic behaviours for good. The power of habit is simply amazing and you can even influence people around you through your good deeds.

15. Awaken the Giant Within: This inspirational books for college students was penned by Tony Robbins and published in 1991. This book inspires to find out a better version of you in your early adulthood and live a better life. The book is rich with lots of practical exercises that guide you to define your goals. You can discover your passion and work towards it that help you to get your life on a good track. This is one of the best books so far for a college student to design their life well in advance.

Choosing the right books is important as some books can have a lasting impact on the minds of students.

The listed ones are just a few among the lots of inspirational books for college students. This is the time when a person moves out of the childhood image to a proper adult and start facing the realities of life.

Learning to be independent and being a role model to the fellow beings can make you successful in your life journey. Hope some of these books can make a positive change in your life.

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