The school life is undoubtedly the best phase of every person. This is the time when you make new friends, learn about new things in life and importantly lay a platform for the wonderful career ahead. With minimal to no family responsibilities, students can fly freely in their dream world and explore life. However, most of us won’t recognize that it was the best part of their life unless they move into the adult phase and start facing life’s realities. When you are asked the disadvantages of being a student, it is very hard to pick up a few. However, here we are trying to list the many advantages of being a student and the odd demerits that a few students would point out:

First let us have a look at the advantages of being a student:

    1. Study with fun: This is the phase when you can have good classroom experiences and study with fun. Teachers, students and parents can take a collective effort to make this the most enjoyable period when you study novel concepts without losing the fun element. Gamification in classrooms is improving the interest of students in learning and making classes more enjoyable and productive.

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    1. Make new friends: This is the time when you can make new friends of your age but of different gender and culture. This gives you opportunities to think out of your restricted world and be open to other’s feelings and opinions. Studying with your friends in a lively classroom gives you the wonderful feeling of togetherness. It is good to be in the company of many people of your age who are mostly similar to you.
    2. Learn new things: A student gets a chance to explore this open world and learn new things in everyday of your school. Understanding and discovering new things of life with a theoretical support gives you a good feeling and you will start feeling the purpose of your life. Also school life teaches you the significance of discipline, value of friendship, humanity and the quality of sharing and caring. Moreover, the school life experiences can help you to know the importance of giving and taking respect.
    3. Learn from others: Whether it is from teachers or peers, a blessed student can get the gift of learning from others. In fact, you will learn more than just academics if you are part of a good school. A proper school life teaches you many qualities such as time management, communication, organization, prioritization and critical thinking which helps you a lot throughout your life. Also you learn the quality of giving to others. As many scholars have said, the basic habit of sharing starts at school when you share your lunch box with your friends.
    4. Discover the real you: Moreover, you can know or discover the real you when you start experiencing the different phase of life. Once you pass out of the school, the proper education might have taught you what you really want in your life. You will see your growth as an individual and improve your general outlook of the world. A good student life can shape up your character and inspire and motivate you to change the world for a better cause.

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  1. Understand benefits of team work: The cooperative learning is an important learning strategy of the time which is executed through group projects, team activities and group games. This phase helps you understand the benefits of team work which is a really important quality which pays you well in many stages of your life. Schools will have team building activities that enhance different qualities such as patience, mutual support, accepting others’ views and more.
  2. Enjoy healthy competition: Through exams and tests, you can experience a healthy competition with your peers of differing calibre. You can go through the good feeling of winning your peers and at the same time enjoy the spirit of failure. You can learn how to celebrate your wins silently and accept failure as it comes without breaking your heart and peace of mind. This phase also teaches you the importance of hard work, honesty and fair play.
  3. Sharpen abilities and skills: The effort of the teachers and the school authorities help you sharpen your skills and abilities that helps you bring the best out of you. A student will have many skills that include arts and sports. Also a good teacher can engage you with many activities that can challenge your critical thinking, logical reasoning and communication capabilities. A sharp guidance from teachers would help students to push themselves hard to bring out the best in them.
  4. Differentiate good and bad: The timely advices you get from your teachers and parents during your school life lifts you up as a responsible person who knows how to differentiate good and bad things in life. Also the experience you have with other students of different gender and culture helps you to go through the realities of life and makes you capable enough to face it with all courage and confidence. In addition to the knowledge gained from text book lessons, a successful student life improves one’s social and emotional behaviour.
  5. Lay foundation for a good career: The most important benefit of a student’s life is your chance to lay a platform for building up a good career. Teachers and friends would give you good guidance and support to help you set realistic goals and work towards it. The hard work that put in during this phase pays you back when you look to shape up your career.

Even when the disadvantages are only for a minority of student groups, let us take a look at some of the most pointed out ones:

  1. Exam pressure: This is one of the most celebrated disadvantages of being a student. The nervousness and during this phase is a commonly discussed thing. However, wise teaching strategies, advises and tips from teachers helps students to tackle this phase very easily. By continual feedback from teachers and finishing off the lesson preparations well in advance of the exam help them to face exams with good confidence.
  2. Half of day at school: Some students complain of spending half of their day at school. They are finding it hard to find time for their family as they have home works and assignments once they reach back from school too. However, a well organized schedule helps them to balance the study time, family time as well as spend quality time for leisure and relaxation. Students will hate to wear those uniforms during those days and love to wear the dress of their choice. However, once we are out of the school and start facing the hard realities of life, most of us wish to go back to those days when we were wearing the uniforms with lovely peers.
  3. Four walls of a classroom: Being stuck up inside four walls of a classroom is another major complaint many students have when talking about their study life. However, things have changed a lot now and teachers and school authorities are taking serious steps towards the importance of the outside the classroom learning. They are taking students often out to have a study time under the shades of a tree and field trips when they get a chance to interact with the nature and study.
  4. May limit true abilities: Some schools are giving importance and focus to only the text book lessons and syllabus. This type of learning can limit the true abilities of a student. They will have skills and talents in many out of the lesson activities such as arts and sports. It is the role of the school to find the best in them and give guidance and support right from the beginning to help them prosper their abilities.

The teaching strategies followed at the school and the effective use of resources at the organization can play a crucial role in what you gain from your student life. In fact, a student life is not just over once you come out of your school or college. People will learn new things everyday and there would be much more hidden areas to explore even when you are given a 100 years life span. It is good to be a student always and learn and try new things that come your way. It is equally important for you to share the knowledge that you gain in life and accept or receive the knowledge from others despite their age, gender or culture. Applying what you learnt in real life in the best possible way helps you to make the world a better place to live in for you and people around you.

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