Summertime is an exciting time not just for students, but also for the teachers. But like every summer vacation, it ends and teachers have to go back to the old routines.

To ease the transition, here are 30 back-to-school memes for teachers:

1. When you have mixed emotions

back to school memes

Old man yelling at a cloud, and the quote says “Me when I see summer ending & time to go back to school again.” It’s common to feel a bit strange leaving the vacation days behind, which is why this meme seems really funny.

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2. When you get immersed in the vacation lifestyle

This is funny to all the teachers who become immersed with the lifestyle of summers. When summer ends, you have to remind yourself about the routines, time and weekdays. This meme reminds you of that in a way it makes you laugh.

3. When you do a lot to prepare the first day of your class

back to school memes

For a teacher, preparing the very first day of the school can prove to be a hard job. You prepare your first-day class, design a back-to-school board and organize every specific thing. Which is why teachers consider the first day most tiring of the whole year.

4. When you look forward to beginning the school days again

Many teachers like to stay busy in their teaching lifestyle. Which is why the summer can seem like a long Sunday night. You do enjoy it, but also feel like going back to the busy life and the excitement of meeting your students and teaching them new stuff.

5. When you know that a busy schedule is waiting for you

back to school memes

Class after class, you know it will a roller coaster ride back at school teaching students. This meme reminds you of the times when you have to even try to restrict your bladder just because you have a lot to do around at school. Get ready for that!

6. When you remember those times

back to school memes

You have to do a lot as a teacher and you do it all responsibly. But sometimes, you think about the situations when you feel like the only person taking responsibilities. If that’s the case, this meme would make you laugh for sure.

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7. When you want to give your best expression

back to school memes

Welcoming the students and fellow teachers becomes the job on the first day. Of course, you enjoy meeting them all! But you spend your whole day with one single expression. So, this meme reminds you of that and makes you laugh.

8. When you can’t believe the numbers

Changing the life of a kid is a great contribution to society. But guess what?! You are changing the lives of more than 1 child. There are more than 30 students in each classroom. The expression on this meme is hilarious and every teacher can relate to this.

9. When you think it’s too soon

back to school memes

Every teacher knows the feeling of adjusting to teaching life during the first few days back to school. When authorities start talking about standardized tests during that time, it feels too much of a burden for everyone.

10. When you go back to your “teacher” look

Being a teacher can be tiring! And when someone asks you about your tired face, you feel like saying the same thing said in the above meme. You are so busy that it is impossible to think about your beauty. Only a teacher can understand this!

11. When you have gotten your boost from the summer

You made a list for your summers and successfully did it all. Now, you feel excited about going back to school and share it all with your fellow teachers. Summer vacation is the only time when teachers get to rejuvenate themselves for the whole upcoming year. This period comes once a year, so you leverage it.

12. When you love your shiny school supplies

back to school memes

This clearly explains the mixed feeling of transitioning from the summer-you to the teacher-you. You don’t want to be there so soon. But the moment you get involved, your inner-teacher comes out to enjoy.

13. When you want a happy thought to celebrate about

back to school memes

The first day of the school also begins the countdown of the next break, which you get on Thanksgiving. You can remind yourself about that to celebrate the first day.

14. When you know how strange it can be

back to school memes

School teachers know how unique each year can be. You go through an adventure ride every year. So, all you can do is hope for the best when entering the year with the first day of the school.

  1. When team-building is what you live for

back to school memes

Bringing kids together as a team is one of the biggest responsibilities you try to accomplish as a teacher. But things look like a hot mess during the initial few days. Teachers and students both try to adjust to the new flow of life. So, team-building can prove to be a hard task during the initial few days.

16. When you have a lot to do

back to school memes

You know your jobs on the first day of school. So, the faculty meetings for team-building activity become an interruption. You want everyone to just go back and complete the preparations in hand.

17. When you want to give the right motivation on the first day

As a teacher, you want your students to feel motivated about learning. And the first day of school matters a lot. You want to do everything possible to make classroom a fun place where students come with a happy face.

18. When you want to complete the labeling right now

You want to get your list of classes as quickly as possible, so you can label everything.

19. When teacher supplies cost a fortune

Going back to school requires you to prepare a new shopping list. You have to buy all the supplies you need as a teacher. These supplies include everything from what you wear to what you bring to the school.

20. When you are thinking about some naughty students

Do you have students who make things difficult and exciting at school? This meme is a perfect representation of what you feel when thinking about them.

21. When seating chart takes a lot of focus

One of the first school day responsibilities is making a seating chart for students. And teachers know how complicated it can turn out to be. After a while, it feels like you are playing Sudoku in the classroom.

22. When you can’t wait to meet your teacher BFF

A friend at your workplace eases the responsibilities and increases the fun of working. Similarly, when you have a BFF teacher waiting for you to begin the first day of school, things feel relaxing.

23. When you want to have fun with the anchor chart

It takes a sense of humor to make anchor chart preparation fun. You try to do it while doing other stuff in your home. Which means the chart requires all your attention and creativity.

24. When you know what you need to be

back to school memes

Every year, you become a hero for many students. That’s a position you have to accept to help kids see the right path and learn the right things. So, you are the hero without a dramatic costume.

25. When the first school week seems exhausting

The first school week takes the maximum amount of effort from teachers. You have to take multiple responsibilities until everything attains an automated flow at the school. So, this meme suits those situations when teachers face the first week of exhaustion.

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26. When the first Monday is right here

No matter how much you prepare yourself, the morning of the very first day will make you feel like the image above. You wake up with a strange feeling thinking about the glory days of summers.

27. When you want to inspire new teachers

Even with all the exhaustion and responsibilities, you love your job. So, you desire to inspire new teachers with this positive attitude of yours.

28. When you are prepared for anything

You don’t know much about what you will find on the first day. But you prepare your mind by saying “I got this”.

29. When you do a great job

The 1st day of your school ends and you know you have done a perfect job as a teacher. All the responsibilities, impressing students and looking awesome, you checked all the boxes.

30. When you are ready to do this every day

The motivation to change lives is what drives a teacher. And this meme interprets that completely.

So, are you ready to go back and start your teaching lifestyle?! It will be a roller coaster ride, but that’s the fun right?!

Hopefully, these back to school memes has cheered you up for your back-to-school moment. 

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