Classroom management is one of the key areas where a lot of time is wasted.

This time could have otherwise been used effectively for a productive study time.
Replacing these manual tasks of attendance taking, assignments management and feedback collection with some comprehensive apps can save a lot of precious teaching time.

Moreover, some additional options such as detailed attendance report generation, easy sharing of reports with parents, and storing information in cloud makes the job a lot easy.

There are lots of attendance management apps available for diverse mobile platforms.

Are you a teacher who is looking for some awesome apps to enhance your attendance management job?

Here we can have a look at some of the most commonly used and best featured apps for teachers that help you to save a lot of classroom management time.

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1. K12 Attendance


You can easily list out students’ courses and their corresponding attendance time.

The missing attendance alert display helps to track if any entry is not available and stay organized.

There is also an additional option with the app to check if a particular student has missed the attendance in the given 10 days.


2. MyClass Attendance

This is a simple user-friendly app which can be used in your mobile to track student attendance.

This is a lightweight app which saves device memory and you can use it without the need for any internet connectivity.

Attendance reports can be generated easily and you can simply transfer it to any other device for convenience.

3. Chalk Attendance


Your teaching workflow can be improved to a great extent with this smart attendance.

The app makes the overall process simple and convenient and you can straightway start off your daily lessons without much delay. All students are marked present by default and you just need to tick the absentees.

The pre-loaded attendance can be verified whenever needed for quicker reference.

4. TeacherKit


Classroom management can be made very simple and fun when this app is made part of your routine.

The app not only helps you with attendance management but also for a lot other daily classroom chores.

No special skills or training is needed to use this app and is ideal to use for any grades from K12 to higher education.


5. Attendance Manager


This app is a really convenient choice to quickly and easily track a student’s attendance or their participation in any given event, program or classes.

Busy teachers can make use of this app to get complete reports on attendance and identification can be made simple by including student names and photos.

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 6. Attendink

Taking attendance and managing reports is a lot simpler than ever before with this user-friendly app.

All you need to do is start a new session, list out the attendees, and initiate the process of registering attendance.

The app works flawlessly in offline mode and you can access it for free. 


7. A+ Teacher’s Aide


The speciality of this attendance app is the option to manage user-defined attendance statuses.

You can also make use of the additional options of computing grades from attendance and even track behaviour.

The privacy of data can be maintained and the app lets you generate individual and class level graphical reports which can be shared with parents easily.


8. MyAttendanceTracker

This app lets you track, and report attendance online with ease.

Report generation can be made in various categories according to your convenience.

You can access the application free of cost. It is completely web based and so you can access the info anywhere anytime if you are connected to internet.

9. Attendance Taker

This professional attendance taker lets you take attendance of your class with ease and maintain a history of the reports which can be accessed anytime for reference.

You can track weekly or monthly attendance percentage or similar statistics and get the excel report of any attendance list anytime at your finger tips.

Also editing the already entered data for a selected student or date is much simple. 


10. Teacher’s Notebook Lite


This is a primary version of the app that can be accessed free of cost.

You can make attendance generation and tracking for two groups of students and generate reports for three categories.

If you are satisfied with the basic version, you can purchase a more professional version for much more additional options.


11. TrackCC


This free and easy-to-use tool helps teachers to track class attendance of students and share the report to parents.

There are additional options of writing individual notes or comments for particular students which can be used for reference later.

You can easily view old attendance by date or student and even customize it for usage convenience. 


12. Attendance Master App

 This amazing app lets you take student attendance in the smartest possible way.

The ROL Cloud Technology automatically synchronizes the info between servers.

You can use the app without any extra cost or even internet facility and the auto SMS option lets you share the attendance reports with parents.

This app can be integrated with School management Software for added convenience.

 13. Edevo Teacher


This is an organizer and grade book that helps you to manage your time consuming classroom chores such as attendance.

This is not only an attendance register but also a classroom manager and a quick contact of students’ parents.

In addition to the quick register option that makes taking roll pretty easy, it features a convenient home screen and • CSV file export options.  

14. RollCall


This is a free attendance managing app with various convenient inbuilt features to optimize a teacher’s workflow.

You can easily categorize students based on subjects and take individual attendance of students for separate subjects.

You have options to export attendance of desired subjects to .CSV file and can easily backup and restore data anytime. 

15. Teacher’s Aide


This is a comprehensive package of attendance and grade book that makes your classroom management job more systematic and easy.

You can make use of user-defined attendance statuses for convenience.

Moreover, the app features allow you to track student behavior using attendance.

The option to automatically compute grades from attendance is an added advantage.


16. Attendance Register


As the name suggests, the app absolutely serves the role of an attendance register which makes your attendance management task a lot easy.

It is a very simple and easy to use app that eliminates the time consuming manual attendance job and stay more organized and be productive and more focussed with your other daily chores. 


17. Attendance Manager & Tracker


This is a quick and simple to set up app that helps you to track student attendance more systematically.

The app lets you manage teams of any sizes and track dates of classes.

For the added convenience of marking attendance all at once for many students, you can utilize the option to define groups.


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18. iRegister


This is an absolutely user-friendly and environment friendly attendance register that lets you do the task by saving paper and your precious time.

You can access this app for free of cost and you can mange up to 20 classes with this app.

You can easily Sync the app to othe nline server and make use of added options such as a basic calculator and a powerful notepad


19. 360eCampusTeacher


This is a comprehensive app that lets you do many of your daily chores from a single place.

You have the option to not only mange your class attendance and student details but also to easily track your attendance, salary, pending benefits and a lot more.

You have option to view individual reports as well as classroom wise reports for improved convenience.

20. AccuClass


This is one of the easiest means to track the student attendance from your iOS device.

For each of the student in the list, you can add customized entries such as present, absent, tardy and more which can be used for quick reference in future.

For better memory management, you can even sync with the AccuClass portal in the cloud.

Having such amazing attendance management apps on your device is really a great addition to your efforts of maintaining a quality teaching time.

These apps can make a lot of positive difference in your overall teaching experience and you can complete your lessons on time.

Also by making the attendance tracking and reports generation more effective, students will be motivated to not miss many classes.


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