Are school app vital for modern education

"Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools…our school system will be completely changed inside of ten years."- Thomas Edison

Technology has revolutionized education for the better. Apps are now everywhere! Introduction of school apps has greatly made the life of students and teachers easier. School apps now play an important part in managing, organizing and monitoring activities in the classroom. They are particularly useful for early year foundation stage (EYFS)

But are school apps vital for modern education? Here are some benefits of using school apps:

  • Teachers are able to Share their Ideas and Resources Online

Teachers are able to connect with people all around the world within minutes, find shortcomings, correct it and thus improve students’ quality. If they want to share learning materials, they can use school apps’ sharing features. By using parent apps, teachers can communicate with parents regarding students’ academic improvement and other activities.

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  • Students are able to Cultivate Research Skills at a Young Age

Apps allow students to explore freely. Their innate curiosity is thus encouraged. By exploring using school apps, students become capable of finding solutions and clear their doubts themselves. This skill can be helpful for in future.

  • Create a Good Rapport between Parents and Teachers

School apps help create a good rapport between parents and teachers as they will be provided with up-to-date information regarding school policies, extracurricular activities, school happenings etc Apps can provide extra information such as bus routes, maps etc.

School apps can also integrate student information systems such as teacher comments, grades and school attendance. They are especially useful for distance and online education as it would be easy for them to submit assignments via mobile.

  • Easy Access of Information

With the evolution of innovative apps on smartphones, people are now able to connect to the internet universe without a personal computer or laptop. Hence, information can be easily accessed on-the-go

  • More Scope for Communication

With the help of school apps, parents are able to get notification regarding school activities. They will get information regarding urgent announcements, school events and thus keep track of important dates. Alerts can also be sent via apps. Teachers are able to answer the queries of students instantly.

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  • Forms a Stepping Stone to Self-Education

Students are able to form a creative and productive approach towards learning with the help of school apps. This later helps them in the process of self-education in future. They will be self-motivated to improve their performance through the usage of school apps.

School apps are inexpensive, easy to use, and improve student learning capacity. They have completely revolutionized today's educational sector. In fact, in this fast paced world, school apps are vital for students to keep up the changes happening around them.

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