We all have seen that over the last decade, apps have been gradually changing the way we live our lives. They have massively influenced how we perform our day to day activities. There are apps for entertainment, communication, management, business, and much more.

It is unjust to totally neglect using this when the scope of incorporating technology into education is huge and the benefits are tremendous. Many schools are already promoting a number of apps that acts as an additional supplement to the main teaching material. In future, apps can become the primary course material in imparting education in schools.

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Apps are found to be more engaging for parents and students alike

parents and students to engage in educational activities. Using these apps, any updates can be intimated to parents and students in real-time.

  • How school apps are engaging to parents

Parents can check student’s progress reports, read teacher’s comments, ask queries, get informed on any upcoming meetings or events, know about fee dues, track the school bus, etc.

  • How school apps are engaging to students

Students can get instant updates on notifications and announcements, exam results, course details, time schedules, etc. They will no more miss to do their assignments or homework, as an alert or reminder can be set to student’s who fail to submit their assignment before a certain time. They can also check their individual performance over the terms, ask queries, or share concerns. This is especially beneficial to students who are overly shy to talk.

Student attendance can be monitored with smart cards and smart apps so that the record is accurate and safe. With the advent of educational apps, a new trend has developed in distance education viz. online learning, where a student can attend a lecture or meeting without having the need for his/her physical presence at the venue.

Better Distribution of Information

School apps win again when it comes to the reach it has in providing information compared to any other method. Though it is possible to provide the same information via the school’s website, using mobile devices have  advantage due to its portability. Mobile devices are very popular and are owned by of parents and even most of the students. So apps are far better options with respect to a school’s website for access.

Another advantage of using apps is that additional information in the form of documents, images, video, podcasts, etc can be given as supplement study material to the students.

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Reliable and Fast Communication

In the current world scenario, most of the working parents are under a lot of pressure from managing their professional and family life. There is never enough time to do all the things. As a result, adequately monitoring their children’s academic development is very difficult.

Now, with the help of proper school apps, parents will never again need to do a compromise in this matter. They can keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in school via push notifications and get real-time student progress card reports.

Apps can be used to communicate with the teacher and get suggestions and directions. It is also possible to get reminders and alerts on due dates and school events.

Improved Social Involvement

Apps can help in making the whole process a bit more social and convenient. It will keep the communication live 24/7, and not just during the school hours. Manuscripts can be shared to all and at once. There can be discussions held for organizing activities and taking decisions.School apps are a great way to promote social interaction between students, parents and teachers.

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