Applicant Tracking Systems are useful tools that save money and time. They increase the overall efficiency of recruiting processes in education institutes, making the hiring process easier as never before.However, educational institutions need to consider many things before choosing the right Applicant Tracking System that streamlines the process of recruiting and hiring in a simple manner.

Here are 9 simple things to remember while choosing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

1) Easy Integration

Integrating ATS with other systems is based on the size of your institution. Large institutions often integrate with multiple systems and small institutions integrate it with a website. So before picking an ATS it’s essential to know whether it provides resources to integrate the system in an easy manner.

2) Performance

You can’t lose qualified candidates or opportunities due to the slow performance of your ATS. The performance of the system is very important in attracting prospective candidates. The effectiveness of recruitment service to education institutes can be analyzed by evaluating the system performance.

3) Ease of use

Using an ATS that requires minimum training will save your money and time.But you should check whether the system is easy to implement and maintain.

4) Candidate experience

If applicants have to go through a lengthy process while they use your applicant tracking system they will find it frustrating and leave your site. So if you don’t want to lose prospective candidates, your ATS must enhance the experience of applicants through simple processes once they log in to your site.

5) Social media recruiting

The power of social media and social networks is measureless in today’s world. Your recruiting process is incomplete if you do not make use of social networking sites. You may discover top talent in these social platforms; therefore, it’s necessary to integrate your ATS with social networking sites. Sharing jobs on social media helps you to attract the best applicants you are looking for.

6) Quick and accurate candidate search

The ability to easily search and screen through the numerous applications that your institution receives requires effective management of your applicant data. You should check whether your ATS is capable enough to provide quick search functionality and resume filtering capabilities to make searching more accurate.

7) Employee referrals

Employee referral is the most effective program to source individuals having high quality and talent. Most educational institutions lack the facility to get employees engaged in the referral and selection process. You can choose an ATS which integrates the capabilities of employee referral so that referral information can be shared through it easily and quickly.

8) Better quality of hires

High quality talent can be tapped by leveraging centralized applicant tracking. A good-quality ATS helps you to organize critical information and provides information regarding the candidate qualities which your organization demands. This also helps you to organize a targeted recruiting strategy.

9) Improving overall efficiency

If you select the right ATS, it can centralize the recruiting activities from job applications to employee referrals. Benefits include the following:

  • Recruiters can search the details of prospective candidates easily
  • Applicants can quickly apply for their desired job positions
  • Improves communication among the recruiting team by facilitating them to add notes and comments about candidates
  • It acts as an efficient reporting tool

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