Ebola in Schools & Role of HR

Parents rushed to school to get their children after learning that five students may have had contact with the Ebola patients of Dallas hospital. It was only after the confirmation of governor that there is no reason for alarm that things got normal. Two parents removed their children from school due to the fear of Ebola transmission at Texas. Ebola has created a general havoc among people and has evolved itself as the most powerful life-threatening disease since its outbreak in West Africa. One of the first outbreaks was at Democratic Republic of Congo near the Ebola River; hence the name of the river was given to the disease as well.

Ebola doesn’t seem to consider age; it is consuming every age group and the current Ebola outbreak is worst in the world history. Effective systems like parent portal, school bus tracking software and smart card solutions are entertained for the better safety of students but what about their health issues? Preventing the virus should be the top most health priority. Over the concerns about the virus many schools have cancelled classes. Combined efforts with the help of health care organizations, a better tomorrow can be gifted to the world

  • More than 13,700 confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola have been reported by World Health Organization (WHO). In the largest Ebola outbreak, more than 4,900 people have died.
  • An estimation of 10.3 million children and adolescents under age 18 are directly or indirectly affected by Ebola virus, across Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia
  • According the United Nations there are at least 3,700 children who lost one of their parents due to Ebola virus from the beginning of the crisis.

 Some important facts about Ebola 

  • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, transmitted to people from wild animals and then to human from human.
  • The first EVD outbreak occurred in the remote villages neat tropical forests of Central Africa
  • No licensed Ebola vaccines have been discovered yet.
  • You can’t get Ebola through food, water and air.
  • Symptoms appear 8-10 days after the exposure of the virus but it can extend up to 21 days
  • Ebola virus is easily killed by the contact with bleach, sunlight and soap or drying
  • Most people are infected Ebola by taking care of the already infected person.

Role of HR

HR departments play a crucial role in school improvement. They determine whether qualified teachers and eligible candidates are recruited without fail. Their service is not limited to the recruitment process. From the evaluation of staffs to the crucial decision making regarding the growth of school, HR functions are appreciative. The vital decision making at the crucial time is their admirable capability. HR departments hold a prominent role in during disastrous situations too. There is a role of HR department in keeping your schools safe from Ebola virus as well, wonder how?

  • Most of the symptoms of Ebola are same as that of ordinary diseases, a careful observation and handling of things are required. This is where the requirement a special team is necessary; HR department for schools can help with this. The management of students becomes easy. Medical camps could be conducted by the department, not like the once conducted when some disastrous disease spreads but a regular peep in to health matters of children.

Happiness is good health 

  • Centre for disease control and prevention has advised the school managements to contact appropriate state and local health officials on Ebola related issues. The right handling of the issue is unavoidable. Why not make things safe in the hands of a right management team?

Make a right plan and execute it effectively for a better tomorrow. 

  • Taking special care of hygiene is equally important. The students as well the teachers should follow methods of taking care themselves from infectious diseases. Staff members, handling canteen and school premises should be evaluated as well. Hire an HR department to honestly evaluate things around. Careful investigation of whether the right kind of hygienic measures are followed is necessary.
  1.   Avoid handling items that may have come into contact with the affected person (like clothes, medical equipments, medicines)
  2.   Keep away from bats, monkeys, baboons and dead animals. (animals should be handled with gloves and protective clothes)
  3.   Make sure animal products are thoroughly cooked before consuming.
  4.   Even the pets need special consideration.

These are some of the common preventive methods from Ebola, which must be carefully followed regularly. All these prevention need specialized supervision and guidance. Rely on an effective method for carrying out effective prevention

Prevention is better than cure 

  • When a person is diagnosed with Ebola, the affected person requires special attention and intensive care. The person should be given medical care as soon as possible. The diagnosed person should be shifted from the contact of others also. Necessity based action should be carried out without wasting time.

Right move at the right time, does matter

  • Along with dangerous diseases, spreads various rumors regarding the same. It is important to know what the causes of a disease are but it is equally important to eliminate wrong information. Taking the right precautions does matter. Go for a special team that manages the school activities from student selection to student protection; hire an energetic HR team to handle the issues effectively. Keep your students and teachers regularly updated with the right information.

Always remember: Safety doesn’t happen by accident.



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