“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandela

To be educated is important and if it is provided with better facilities, students will be more capable of facing the future with confidence. Like every field, education sector is also in the path of advancement. Most of the schools have embraced technology to provide a better learning experience to the students. There are certain tools available in the market for that, which aid the overall management of a school and also aids in teaching. Here is a list of such tools by Edsys that can help in providing better education:

RFID Student Tracking System

This tool is a solution to all your problems regarding student safety. Equally useful to parents and school authorities, the RFID Student Tracking System requires the students to swipe their RFID cards on the card readers installed in school buses. The parents and school authorities thus get notified via SMS about the whereabouts of the students. In this era, where news of kidnappings, school bus accidents and kids suffocated to death in school vans can be heard almost every day, RFID Student Tracking System can prove to be a boon to you.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Similar to the RFID Student Tracking System to some extent, GPS Vehicle Tracking System addresses student safety concerns, as well. The only difference is that GPS Vehicle tracking System is meant to track the whereabouts of the school bus. With the help of GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can get information about the location of the school bus, unscheduled bus stops, over speeding and the distance covered by the performance. It is also possible to track the performance of school bus drivers. Routing and planning can be made easy with GPS Vehicle Tracking system, where it can be done automatically, with minor corrections from your side, if any.

School Mobile Apps

Application of technology in education isn’t anything new these days. Many schools around the world have already opted for gadgets to books and school mobile apps to lessons. In fact, school mobile apps have made learning more interesting. Unlike the traditional learning techniques, school mobile apps have lessons in the form of games. It is also possible to analyze the performance of students real-time and help them improve, thus providing a better learning experience to students.

RFID School Management System

In most schools, the teachers and other staff in the school mark their attendance by signing an attendance register. But that is not effective to the fullest. You may not know whether they were late to work or if their signatures have been forged beforehand. Also, you find it difficult to identify among the hardworking staff and those who are not. RFID School Management System is one solution that can give answers to all your questions regarding school management. In RFID School Management System,  the employees can login using biometric systems thus recording their time. This comes in handy while calculating payroll as you are able to obtain the working hours of every employee of the school.

School Work Force Management System

School Work Force Management System, which is similar to the RFID School Management System in terms of purpose it serves. It is impossible to monitor the activities of all employees in a manual workforce management system. Also, to calculate the number of leaves during payroll calculation is a tedious task. In School Work Force Management, the school staff can enter their day to day activities apart from their daily attendance, which can help in evaluating their performances. Also, their talents and weak points can be recognized and their abilities can be used to the benefit of the school to the fullest.

Timetable Management Software

Manual timetable management can give you nightmares at times. Some employee may take an unplanned leave and there, the effort you put to prepare time table for the whole day goes down the drain. Using timetable management software can help you in such situations. It helps in generating timetables automatically that too for the entire school, considering all the limitations and the requirements, making your job lot easier. It stores all leave records which can be used while calculating payroll.

Smart Cards for Schools

Smart cards for schools will be of great use to students and parents. With smart cards, students can purchase food and beverages from school canteen, purchase stationary items from the school provision store and they can swipe this card in the library to enter and borrow books. Sometimes, parents panic when asked for information such as roll number and class of their kids at the fee collection counters in schools. It is lot easier now with smart cards for schools. It has all necessary details of students stored in it, which the parents can use to pay fees. It is also possible to top up the smart cards at the fee collection counters.

Parent Portal

Parent portal would be of great use to parents who are always anxious about their children’s safety and performance. Parents can login to Parent Portal through laptops, desktops or any other devices and there, they have their child’s activities in school at their fingertips. You need not attend parent-teachers meeting anymore. Teachers and parents can constantly connect each other through Parent Portal. Teachers can also share the student’s performance results and study materials through Parent Portal. This also helps the teachers to understand the areas their students need support in and help them improve their performance. Parent Portal also enables online fee payment and gives a glimpse of an entire year’s academic schedule to the parents. Parents can also create separate profile for each of their kids. Parents can use SchoolApp, which is a mobile application for Parent Portal to know about the whereabouts and performance of their child even while travelling.

It is important that every educational institute adapt to the changes happening in the educational sector each passing day. This helps the students in keeping themselves updated and prepares them to face the future with confidence.

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