5 Education Apps to Spruce Up Holidays

When holidays are at the doorsteps, children make a lot of plans. Parents always feel the urge to find something that can make them engaged as well as safe. What if something can be introduced to your children that can keep them engaged and enhances their knowledge/learning skill at the same time? That’s where education apps functions as a magic wand. There are numerous smart apps for preschoolers as well as bigger children.

Holidays are meant for enjoyment and relaxation for children. With interaction and through games, they learn a lot of things. The appropriate use of technology can make a lot of difference and can transform lives. Using smart apps can help preschoolers in developing critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. With learning apps, children can elevate their experience in education.

Vacations can be made useful as well as fruitful by introducing education based apps to your children. What is better than your children gaming quietly, learning about new things without disturbing others?

Researches prove that education apps numerous positive effects on children:

1)Patients to follow the instruction
3)Boosting memory
5)Rapid problem solving attitude
7)Recognizing the pattern
9)Enhances the natural curiosity of children

There are a lot of apps out there that can help you with the education purpose through entertainment

1)Doodle Critter Math: Shapes

Introduce to your kids the world of geometry resulting in the developments of their mind too. Doodle Critter Math: Shapes is an app that encourages children to interact and play with basic shapes like triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and circle. The shapes are familiarized by children through the game they play. The design of this smart app and its characters are really cute that preschoolers will love to play with it.

The app teaches its young user to

•Learn Shapes
•Sort out Shapes
•Match the Pairs
•Remember Shapes
•Make Different Shapes
•Find Shapes

2)GOZOA – The Key Quest

Appropriate for children between the ages of 6-11, Gozoa – The Key Quest is an adventures game app, where the user should help free Gozoa’s friends from the evil Villain. By completing an assignment children will win stars and diamonds. The rewards encourage them to repeatedly solve and improve themselves. The rewarded diamonds can be used to buy various items in Gozoa’s house. Children should engage themselves in additional assignment if there are no diamonds left in their pocket. They are motivated to use their math skills through the game. Each level gets harder and harder familiarizing the child more with the mathematics skill.


1. Practice numbers up to 100
2. Adding numbers together from 0-100
3. Subtracting numbers from 0-100
4. Multiplying numbers from 1-9
5. Dividing numbers from 1-9
6. Learn times tables 1-9.
7. Learn to tell time by using the dial and the digital clock.
8. Recognize and read the dial – the position of the hands.
9. Recognize and read the digital clock – using hour and minute display.
10. Set the time shown on the clock face on the digital clock and vice versa:
one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes.

3)Sudoku Junior

Sudoku Junior is an educational and learning platform for the 4+ age groups. The app provides children pictorial sudoku puzzles. There are 24 game categories like Animals, Famous Monuments, Sports and Science with over 250+ stunning picture icons. The app helps to brain-boosting. Children can never get bored with this colourful app. They think a lot while solving the puzzle.

Advantages of playing Sudoku:

1)Sudoku brings a sense of calm and order
2)Sudoku helps the brain to stay healthy
3)Children tends to be active problem solver


PlayKids is an app that is filled with over 200 videos, shows, stories and educational games. The app is constantly updated in order to provide entertainment to kids. Through the app, children can enjoy the videos anytime and anywhere. The app guarantees fun, even without internet connection.


MyMathBook is an smart application that entertains as well as engages children to learn mathematics in a fun-filled way. Basic knowledge about maths can be derived from the app. Various animation and illustrations in the app invokes the interest of learning mathematics. Creativity mixed with knowledge is MyMathBook app. Learning Numbers, Trace Numbers, Learn to Count, Addition, Subtraction and Finding the missing Numbers are the various sections of the app. After learning of a topic the user can attend a test. Evaluating oneself becomes easy with the test section provided by the app. Learning becomes possible with the best environment.

Smart technology for better future

•Research indicates that by 2016, smart phones will be the only types of phones that Americans use
•Less than 2 years after its introduction, 1 in 5 adults owned a tablet
•70% of tablet owning households with children under 12 say that their children use the device
•41% of families with children entertain them with a mobile device at restaurants
•77% let their children use the tablet to play games
•57% let their children use the tablet for educational apps
•More than 80% of the best selling paid apps in the iTunes store’s ‘Education’ category are targeted towards children

In a study, children who used an educational gaming app for 5-10 minutes per day for three weeks:

•31% improved their knowledge of colors by 2 or more
•45% improved their picture naming skill levels by an average of more than 8 months
•38% improved object assembly skill levels by an average of more than 10 months

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