It is a fact that technology is taking over our lives. It is helping people stay connected than ever before. Technology does magic in the field of education as well. Learning new things are a touch away, as lectures are bought home according to convenience and interest.

Technology has extended its helping hand over to pre-schoolers also. New apps have made learning a more enjoyable experience for students. There are apps out there that engage preschoolers in fun and at the same time educate them.

There are a lot of advantages that comes with smart apps

  • Friendly and educational apps make learning incredibly fun and interesting. The learning opportunities are hidden yet very much present.
  • Hand-eye coordination is developed: may pre-schooler apps include tracing lines, numbers and letters that helps in coordination of hand and eye which enables healthy grooming of kids
  • Smart apps help in educating children without reducing the excitement of the kids. The more they play, the more they learn. Children feel excited to learn new things.
  • The healthy growth of brain is really important for kids. Apps  makes the mind of kids strong and smart, preparing them for future
  • Apps even improve the lifestyle. Little ones are encouraged to eat healthy, and stay fit.

11  Astonishing Apps for Preschoolers

1. Dr. Panda’s Hospital

Dr. Panda’s Hospital is an interesting game that makes kids curious for life and the world around them. A positive influence is instilled on the kids. Preschoolers will love the game.

Key Features of the App

  • 10 fun doctor games and activities
  • 8 different and friendly animal patients
  • Complete Hospital consisting of waiting room, two patient rooms and a helicopter landing pad
  • Medical or animal stickers can be earned as rewards.
  • Touch & Discover: Fun animations and sounds

2. Kinectimals

The app provides opportunity to visit the Lemuria island and to care and fall in love with the own cub. The app develops love and compassion for animals and living things around the world.

  • The app has 5 different exotic animals to choose from
  • Wonderful lasting friendship between the animals teaches kids the value of friendship
  • Kids can teach, command and can play with the animals

3. Thomas Game Pack

The app offers multiple uses for the kid as it sets the kid with game, mazes and puzzles. The game entertains the kids for hours. There are three games in the pack Matching Mission, Cargo Mazes and Engine Puzzles.

  • Boosting of memory skills
  • Coordination of eye and hand
  • Healthy development of brain 

4. Alpha Tots

Alpha Tots as an app that consists of 26 preschooler puzzles and mini-games that makes kids understand and learn alphabets. The interactive alphabets in the game help to recite those familiarizing kids easily with the 26 alphabets.

  • Upper and lower version of the alphabets are available
  • Parents choice award winner
  • Make kids more interactive

5. The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss

The interactive app helps the students to learn new vocabulary and also personalises the story with own narration. The mischief done by Dick and Sally when their mother is out should be cleared and things should get back to normal.  The name of objects is read loud when tapped.

  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Multiple fun ways to learn     

 6. Colour & Draw

Colour & Draw Super is a super artistic app that has bagged many awards for its multiple uses for kids. It encourages children to draw, colour and decorate drawings. The app introduces children to the world of colours. The app consists of more than a hundred colouring pages with four colouring books.

  • The app consists of  more than 100 cute and smart  fascinating illustrations
  • Kids can use pencil, crayon, wet brush and air brush
  • Appropriate themes that keeps the fun alive
  • Fun backgrounds to draw on

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7. Sprinkle Junior

Kids will have a good time with Sprinkle Junior. The app consists of a water-physics based playground for young children to play with. The app allows kids to splash unlimited amount of water. The app is all about playing games and having fun.

  • Water physics is introduced with fascinating features
  • Creative levels that are unique
  • Touch control

8. Kids Connect the Dots

Children connect dots and when it’s completed the dots transform in to a creature. The creatures created by the preschoolers acquire life. The app consists of 25 images. In a friendly manner the app teaches children to pronounce numbers and letters. The app is a perfect balance of entertainment and education. The audio and visual treat for the children are not over-loaded.

  • There are over 100 images
  • The number games in the app teaches numbers only
  • The letter game teaches letters only and not maths
  • When the dots are connected or when children tap on them, alphabet is pronounced  by the app

9. Time Bird

It is difficult for preschoolers to understand the whole concept of time. Time Bird is an app that helps to introduce the concept. The app keeps things simple for children. The app is exciting as well as educating.

Advantages of Time Bird

1) Learn to Tell Time

  • Introduction to the purpose and features of clock
  • Both analogue and digital clocks are used
  • Explains about the hour hand
  • The user can choose Auto Learning or Self Learning

2) Activities

a) Matching: It is a simple activity that asks the child to match the digital and the analogue clocks          showing the same time

b) Set Time: The activity asks the child to set the time on the clock

10Body Parts

Body Parts is an interesting app that introduces the human body to preschoolers.

The learning section of Body Part app

1) Names of the Body Parts

2) Five Senses and their use

3) Following parts of the human body are covered

  • Head (including hair, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth)
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms (including elbow and wrist)
  • Hands (including fingers)
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet (including toes)

4) The app includes kids game Simon Says

5) Fun with senses

11Quiz Time

Quiz Time is a smart app that provides fun and knowledge quiz for preschoolers, kids and toddlers. It tests their knowledge in English Alphabet, Math and Early Science. The app offers large collection of question to the preschoolers.

Highlights of the app

1) All questions are categorized into three rounds

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Rapid Fire

2) The app tests knowledge of alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and many more interesting topics

3) All questions have multiple answers however there’s only one correct answer

4) The Score Board after every round displays the scores

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