Tips to Make Classrooms a Better Learning Place

Four walls and a blackboard alone cannot make a proper classroom. A good classroom is the place where a student can learn things in a positive way. The subject knowledge of the teacher itself is not enough to make the classroom good. There are so many things that can improve our classrooms. A skilled teacher, a pleasing physical environment and advanced technologies can do wonders in the making of an ideal classroom. Students learn more from their schools than from their homes. So, creating a learning environment is a necessity. The classroom must be charming and filled with sparks that can evolve children in a positive manner.

How should it be?

First and foremost thing is the mode of conduct in the class. There must be activity oriented learning in our classrooms. Practical learning methods are much better than long lectures. So our classrooms must provide a space for activity oriented learning. Activity can be of any type like practical workouts, writings, oral speeches or presentations etc. Let the students share their ideas about the current topic of discussion. Every development or action in the classroom can be recorded and analyzed for the purpose of evaluation of the students’ potential. Rewarding them for their presentations and achievements will be a great motivation for them.

Role of the Teacher

The teacher must have a pleasing personality. Always begin your classes with a smile. The students must not feel any kind of stress inside the classroom. He must feel free to interact in the class. It is the teachers’ responsibility to motivate all students in a class without any disparity. All the students should get a chance to speak up at least once in a day. Thus the classroom must turn into a space for interactive learning.

All these things are applicable only if the number of students per class is manageable. Not only the number of students but the number of hours and portions allotted to each teacher should be reasonable. A heavy workload or a constrained time limit is not good at all for the teacher and the students.

How to Make These Allotments Easy?

Division of workload and the making of timetables are really complicated in the case of any institution. Edsys brings solutions for these problems.

Teachers should not be over burdened with responsibilities. Managing the workload among teachers is not easy like cutting a cake. Edsys introduces Workforce Management software to solve this problem.  It doesn’t simply divide the workload among the teachers but it records the works done by every teacher. With the help of this software, every work done by a teacher can be recorded and the time they spend in the classrooms also be measured. It helps the management or the authorities to evaluate the performance of the teachers and they can be rewarded according to their works. If anyone is over burdened, they can be identified and their workload can be reduced.

Workforce Management software also helps the teachers to apply for their leaves in advance. So it helps to manage the hours of those teachers by making slight changes in the schedule. The number of leaves taken and working hours are also recorded.

Only if the teacher is happy in his/her working environment will they be able to make their classrooms lively.

Edsys has introduced the Timetable Management Software to make work allotment easy by making timetables without much manual effort. With this software, it is easy to club smart classroom facilities effectively and allot periods both class wise and teacher wise. With its help, substitution work can be done easily. This software has locking and blocking options which can be used for individual adjustments.

Technology can also place a great role in making the classroom a better place to learn. Smart Classrooms are best examples for it. Classroom must have the facilities like LCD screen or projector and Internet connection. These facilities will enable them to make use of educational CDs and online classes.  They will be able to interact with a wide range of tutors from around the world. Preparing a small class library is another useful tip to make classroom learning effective. With the help of Parent Portal, parents can also have a look at the books they read. While teaching a new topic in the class, teachers can give them more information related to the particular topic with the help of Internet, and can issue related books. Seeing visuals regarding the subject will enhance the memory of students.

Physical Environment

Physical environment has a great role in the making of an ideal classroom. When there are so many distractions in a classroom, diverting the attention of the students, the learning process won’t be effective.  So a calm and pleasant atmosphere is necessary for a classroom. The classroom must be spacious and should have proper ventilation and light. The walls of the classroom can be decorated with charts and posters related to their curriculum.

The models, pictures, posters, charts etc the students make should be displayed in the class. The student must get a chance to exhibit their skills in their classrooms. After each hour, the teacher must give some minutes to the students to analyze the activities of the hour and should encourage them to speak up their opinion.

To analyze everything that happens in a classroom, there must be an assistant to the teacher.  The assistant should record the progress of the students and add the data into the Parent Portal. So the parents can be a part of the class.

Team work

Finally, what makes the classroom a better place to learn is the team work of the teachers, students, school authorities and the parents with the help of advanced technologies.  A well designed time schedule and a properly distributed workload and a fine supervisor can make it really happen.

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