EYFS has made student activities compulsory in schools. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to come up with fresh ideas. Due to their busy schedule, it can be hard for teachers to innovate new ideas. Don’t worry. Internet is here to support you in every possible way.

Since it’s a digital era, students will love to get introduced to new techniques, compared to the passive classroom learning process. Teachers know where to search for that perfect material they want.

Check out some of the fascinating websites that can help you:

1.ReadWrite Think

This site is extremely useful when you have got only specific time to invest on activities. 5-minutes time range ideas are available at the site. Calender activity section is available that allows to tie your reading and writing lessons to seasons, notable people, and multicultural holidays.

2.Reading Rocket

Find well researched answers, if you have got any question about teaching, reading and writing. Professional development videos of education experts, book lists, author interviews, and lesson ideas are available at Reading Rocket. Tips are available at the site that helps teachers to serve children with disabilities and English language learners better.


Browsing lesson plans by grade level and subject is possible with Scholastic. There is close relationship between reading, language, art lessons and other subjects. The Book Wizard is a tool for finding the titles of hard-to-please readers and for students who are above or below grade level. It is a top teaching blog that consists of fresh ideas from teachers.

4.School Library Journal

School Library Journal is the very best resource for teachers with readers who are difficult to reach. Kid-friendly comic books and interview with student’s favourite author is available with the site. School Library Journal also provides news about education research, policy, and more.


The site belongs to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It consists of lesson plans, online games, and brainteasers. Common Core standards, assessments, and links to related lessons are included in the lesson plans, making it easy for teachers to search. It’s easy to share your story of success with other people.

6.Inside Mathematics

Want to think deeply about mathematics? Inside mathematics is one such site that allots “problems of the month”, a section that allows students to think deeply about math problems. Common core standards are available with assessments for second through fifth grades. Example videos of successful classroom lessons are available in the site along with offers teaching support.

7.K-5 Mathematics

Hundreds of math games and activities are at your service ready to be printed in the site. K-5 Mathematics shows different ways in which you can integrate math in classroom. Sections such as math journals, math centers and mental math are available in the website.

8.Soft Schools

It’s easy to find material of all core subjects including maths website. There is a comprehensive section for maths including worksheets. Worksheets are arranged according to topics, and can be printed. There are games too, which can be played by students, without requiring registration.

9.Discovery Education

Fresh ideas as well as free lesson plans in every core subject are available in this website. An activity, evaluation tools, a list of English vocabulary, and links to academic standards are also involved in the plan. By signing up virtual trips, allow students to see new places and hear expert speakers via video.

10.PSB learning Media

There are dozens of education shows on PSB.  On this website, you can find clips from the show and share it with students. The site is loaded with activities and links to academic standards. It’s possible to search by grade and subject matter.

11.Smithsonian Education

If you are a teacher looking for a site where you can dig deeply into a subject, Smithsonian Education is the best. Lesson plans along with historical documents and photographs are available for your core subject. Field Trips tab in the site display ways to enrich off-campus journeys.


 ArtsEdge is associated with The Kennedy Center. The site shows how art, music, dance, and history can be incorporated in classroom lessons. Lesson plans with links to videos are available in the site.


teAchnology is a simple website that consists of all that you are looking for. It has lesson plans, worksheets along with other resources on subjects like music, physical education, art, and drama. Everything under one roof. Teachers can depend on Technology for the better management of classroom.

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