“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

Don’t take play that playful. Yes! You heard it right. There are numerous advantages connected with play.

Early Years Foundation Stage syllabus for pre-schoolers ensures fun-based learning experience starts at pre-schools. But are our children learning really well at home?

Even EYFS works better if parents take care to involve their kids in some activities at home. Switch the learning environment of your child from passive to active. If you are short on ideas, here are some useful websites you can take help from.

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All about 10 fascinating blogs for kids

  1. Fun At Home With Kids

Fun at home with kids is all-rounder blog managed by Asia, a former teacher. You can find little bit of everything in the blog. Science, art, crafts, sensory play, and small world play, everything is stuffed in the blog. The blog tries to encourage creativity and imaginative play. The aim of the blog is to make play at home fun because it’s not that tough!

  1. Housing a Forest

Housing a Forest is packed with fun filled engaging kids activities. Inexpensive activities that are easy to follow are the highlights of this blog. Tammy Dube is the girl behind Housing a Forest. She is a writer and creator. Make your kids excited about learning with the various activities in Housing a Forest.

  1. Mama. Papa. Bubba

Mama. Papa. Bubba is a charming website about engaged parenting, natural living, overseas living and travel. Healthful recipes, toddler food ideas, and doable DIY projects along with fun crafts and play activities are stuffed in the site. Everything you need under one roof!

  1. Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans highlights easy and affordable art and craft ideas for parents to try out at home. The site is managed by Jackie, a mom, wife and day-care provider. The unique activities in the site come straight from the daily activities of Jackie’s home-daycare. She uses everyday items and simple materials for unique activities. The ideas are not only suitable for toddlers and preschoolers but older kids will also love it.

  1. Nurturestore

The creative spirit behind Nurturestore is Cathy. The blog consists of more than 800 play and learn activities for children aged between 0 – 10. Play Planner is a service that you can avail by signing up. It gives fun charged ideas for each day of the week. You can find interesting resources in the site for sure. The blog is loaded with requirements for every child.

  1. Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fantastic Fun and Learning is the blog of Shaunna. There are a wide range of fun stuffed activities and theme-based learning ideas in this blog. The highlight of this website is how it combines art, math, science, and reading ideas to go along with one theme. Fantastic Fun and Learning consists of book ideas, small word play and sensory activities.

  1. Buggy and Buddy

Buggy and Buddy is a fascinating website with extensive resource is managed by Chelsey, a creator, writer, former elementary school teacher and a mother of two. “Creating and Educating with Love” is the motto of the website.  Buggy and Buddy is all about nurturing a love for learning in children. It is easy to find crafts and activities in the site that instantly boosts creativity in children.

  1. Learn With Play At Home

Learn with play at home is a handy website for parents. The blog is maintained by Deb, an EYFS Teacher. Learn with Play At Home consists of activities, ideas and tips. Open-ended maths and literacy activities, scientific explorations, cooking fun are the highlights of the blog.

  1. Twodaloo

Twodaloo is a useful blog that focuses on imaginative play, art, nature, and communication skills. The blog is lead by Stephanie who is passionate about play-based learning. Find interesting information regarding early childhood development with Twodaloo.

  1. Dilly-Dali Art

Dilly-Dali Art is the blog of Aleacia, a passionate mom. The blog is a perfect platform for finding unique art projects for kids. The activities in the blog are based on art and love. Art for kids, artists and element lessons for home schoolers and art play in group setting are available in the blog.

These are great blogs, but there might be other cool blogs for children too. If you know of one, please share with us in the comment section.

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