A classroom is where students spend most of their daytime. Therefore it is important that classrooms should be active in order to generate energy among children.

Classroom environment makes or breaks learning experiences. Interesting classrooms always maintain space for activities which engage the students and teachers resulting in effective learning. It is with the same aim that EYFS was introduced for pre-scholars.

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While there are a variety of ways such as RFID School Management System and GPS Vehicle Tracking System for monitoring the activities of students away from classroom, what happens inside the classroom is vital for child development. Classroom experiences should shift students from passive to active, maintaining their interest and promoting active participation.Teacher app ad banner

Here are 10 classroom activities for better learning experiences.

1 Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers is an introduction game that helps students become familiar with each other. This game is much useful at the beginning of a semester.

An ice-breaker activity is an activity that is used to help students meet and get to know each other. These activities could be anything that involves talking to other people or teamwork like sports and games or perhaps just having people sit in a circle and talk.

  • The interaction during the game session helps students to socialize.
  • The results of the game are often fascinating, interesting and humorous.
  • Instantly boost up the environment.

2 Debate

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress“-Mahatma Gandhi

Debate instills lasting effect on the participants. A topic is given and participants are divided into two groups, one group is made to talk in favor of the topic while the other is made to talk against the topic. Debates could be conducted in school buses as well. School bus tracking software has made things easy for parents and debates can make school bus fun for students.

  • Enhances critical thinking, independent research and skilful communication.
  • Learn to think in a different perspective.
  • Helps to develop knowledge
  • Provides an active environment

3 Quiz

Students could be divided in two or more groups and questions are asked t them. Each question consists of options from which they should choose the right answer. Points are awarded for right answer while negative points for wrong answer.

  • Students acquires more knowledge through quiz
  • Team work helps to maintain healthy relationship
  • Helps to stimulate memory.

4 Role play

Role play is a fun-filled activity. Students are made into separate teams. Each group will introduce a dramatic event or conversation based on a book that they have to consider or language they have to learn.

  • Activity allows interaction between the team members which results in better bonding between the students.
  • Introvert students get a golden opportunity to express themselves.
  • Students with the flair of acting can showcase their talent.
  • Both the spectators and the actors enjoys the lesson

5 Student presentations

Students unpack ideas on a given topic after making considerable research. Others take notes and at the end of the presentation, ask questions. This activity requires time and energy.

  • Students attain public speaking skills
  • Deep evaluation of the given topic
  • Modern presentation skill can be used to enhance the relationship with technology.

6 The Fish Bowl

It is an interesting activity which can instantly energize the class. The teacher gives an index and asks the students to write down a question regarding some aspect of the study material that has not been understood. At the end of the class, students deposit their question to the fish bowl. The next day instructor evaluates the questions and asks the class to answer.

  • Students can ask questions regarding the study material without fear
  • Different possible questions could be derived
  • Class becomes active
  • Students tend to concentrate more on the class.

7 Students as Teachers

This is a type of learning activity in which students prepare an actual lesson allotted to them and teaches their classmates. In short, students assume the role of teachers. They can ask questions to other students to make the class more attentive. The lesson must be presented actively with gestures by hand and confidence.

  • Instills basic teaching skills in students
  • The creativity of the student in teaching is bought out
  • Confidence is boosted
  • Class becomes more interesting with the presence of a young teacher.

8 Case study

Case studies are exciting activities. Real-life stories are described to integrate with classroom knowledge. Life outside the class room is evaluated.

  • Students are made aware about the real world outside
  • A comparison of what has studied with real life experience is of great worth
  • It is the world outside that is waiting for your students

9 Problem – Based Learning

A problem is presented to a group in the class based on an authentic situation that the participants could actually encounter. The presented problem should be evaluated and
should analyze the cause of the problem and the most effective solution.

  • Students learns to face the problems in life confidently
  • Different perspective of solving a problem makes them wise

10 Class Discussions

Class discussions encourage critical thinking and evaluation. Allowing ample time for students to respond makes them active and confident with their points. To make the discussion more effective as well as active, evidence could be asked. It is an easy as well as effective learning activity. The teacher is passive here while the students are wholly active.

  • Different perspective of a single issue could be derived
  • Active participation of students makes class interesting
  • Students learn to present their points effectively.

The advantages of having interesting activities inside the classroom include:

  • Boost up the learning experience and help shape up children’s behavior
  • Each activity provided to students offer them opportunity to deepen their understanding of the concepts they have learned in the classroom.
  • The instructor can derive feedback about student’s potential and learning capabilities.
  • Interesting learning activities can revitalize both the mind and body of students.

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Random Facts

  • In a typical class, students are attentive just 40% of the time
  • Students retain about 70% of what they hear in the first 10 minutes of class and just 20% during the last 10 minutes
  • 33% of secondary school students and 23% of elementary school students complain of back aches.
  • Teens who were active in school were 20% likely to earn an “A” in English and Mathematics.

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