How do you usually recognize school-goers? Of course by their heavy back packs! Though school uniforms are not mandatory in many schools around the world, every school expects their students to carry huge piles of books with them.

Over the years, it has been found out that carrying heavy backpacks can cause major health issues in children. It is a fact that about 14,000 students are treated for injuries related to heavy back packs every year. Most of their complaints include pain in the neck, back and shoulder.

Disadvantages of backpacks

The use of heavy backs packs can affect the students in the following ways:

Major health issues

It has been found out that the use of backpacks over an extended period of time can affect the spine. Students are expected to carry the backpacks to school and on their way back to home. This, in most cases have led to children suffering from pain or numbness on the neck, shoulders and backs and it may sometimes affect the muscles, causing muscle imbalances.

Side effects

While carrying heavy backpacks, the body adapts in such a way that the weight is evenly distributed. This sometimes causes changes in the posture and coordination of a student’s body. Their overall posture or the curve of the body gets distorted due to continuous leaning and it may also lead to muscle imbalance resulting in strain, headaches, neck pain, arm pain and shoulder pain.


An entire school day is enough to make a student tired and having a heavy backpack adds to it. This can lead to health issues in students. To reduce such risks, it is often suggested that the students use backpacks that weigh less than 15% to 20% of their weight.

Though using a backpack with a waist strap or wheels are said to be a solution to the problem, they are not 100% useful.  The best solution one can go for is to embrace technology for educational needs. Replacing the books with tablets or laptops and lessons with school mobile apps not only relieves students off the physical issues but also makes learning more interesting for them.

Advantages of Introducing Technology in Learning

Apart from serving as a solution to health issues caused in students due to heavy backpacks, introducing technology in learning has advantages of its own.

Preparing students for the future

In this era, where everything is digitalized, it is necessary for the students to be exposed to the new developments in technology. A candidate is expected to have computer knowledge while applying for a job and hence, it becomes necessary for the students of today to be digitally literate to face the world tomorrow.

Sharing at your fingertips

How do teachers usually share notes with students? They write it down on the blackboard for the students to copy or dictate them for the students to write it down. But with technology in your hands, you can save the efforts by just sharing the notes via e-mail or through a website. The same method can be used by the students to share notes with each other. You no longer will have to worry about your friend not returning your notes in time.

Real-time performance evaluation

With lots of school mobile apps available, you can analyze the performance of your students real-time. You need not wait for the half-yearly or annual examinations to understand the potential of your students. This can help you in identifying the areas each of your students need support in and help them improve.

No more parent-teacher meeting chaos

Report cards and parent-teacher meeting can give you jitters, if you are a teacher. It takes months of efforts to evaluate mark sheets and to enter them in the report cards. The worst part is you have to meet every parent and give details of their child’s performance in school. It’s easier with technology though. There are various school mobile apps available with which you can assess your student’s performances. You can also send the reports to the parents instantly.

Learning becomes interesting

Learning goes the fun way with laptops and tablets replacing books and school mobile apps replacing lessons.  Most of the school mobile apps are in the form of games and students tend to enjoy while getting to learn new things for them. Also, you can award them virtually for their performances. This can motivate the students to have a healthy competition and to perform better.

Save money and time

Do you know that an average of $5 billion dollars is spent by students all over the world combined every year just for purchasing textbooks? Imagine how much money you can save just by opting for technology. You need not spend money on books, stationary items or lab equipments. By embracing technology, you are also benefitting the nature. Yes! You can save up to 2400 trees per day by going paperless.

Update syllabi annually

None of the education boards bother to update their syllabi every year and the reason? Doing it manually may take another year or more. This can affect the students as they miss the opportunity to know about the latest developments made in every field. But with technology, it is possible to update the syllabus on a daily basis and you no longer have to worry about having to buy new textbooks every year.

Go Global

Education through technology helps the students to learn beyond what is mentioned in the textbooks. They get an opportunity to connect to external educators, as well, thus helping them to expand their knowledge.

All these points prove how technology can benefit a student physically, mentally and socially. Also, opting for technology can make learning interesting for the students. Most of the schools around the globe have already adopted technology in learning. If you haven’t, it’s time you give a better learning experience to your students.

Apart from school mobile apps that aid teaching, there are numerous other applications and software available in the market that can help in the overall management of a school. GPS Vehicle Tracking System, RFID Student Tracking System, RFID School Management System, Time table Management Software, Parent Portal, School work force management system, Smart card solution for schools & colleges by Edsys, a company that offers educational solutions are some examples.

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