Teaching is a remarkable profession. It is one that moulds the future generation, and hence has a high value. But just like any other professionals, teachers also need to be encouraged to perform better. In fact, all staff in a school should be incentivised to perform better as every one of them might have a direct or indirect effect on school students.

So, how do you implement a system that encourages your school staff to perform better? The obvious option will be to reward the high performing or the most disciplined employees. In order to help you on this, Edsys has included a new feature in its Work Force Management software. It is a page that shows various data about your staff including:

  • Unplanned leaves
  • School log in time
  • School log off time
  • Making late entries to the Work Force Management

The software uses these data to arrange your staff in a list which helps you to decide which among your employees set the best example to your school students with their punctuality and discipline. This list is displayed in the administrator’s panel as well. It will help the management in suggesting specific areas of improvement for individual staff. The listing is done automatically by the system and the administrator need not make any inputs manually.

Generating the list

The ranking list is generated on a monthly basis, with a rank for each month as well as a rank for the whole year. For example a teacher can have a ranking of 10 in the month of June and a ranking of 4 in July. But the overall ranking combines the data of both months and gives a list based on that, which in this case might give a 6 or 7 to the teacher. The rankings can be viewed separately for different departments. i.e., if you want to maintain separate lists for the pre-school teachers, primary school teachers, high school teachers and higher secondary teachers, it is perfectly possible. There will be a dropdown menu from which you can choose a group to view their monthly rankings.

School staff will be able to see the list when they log in to their respective Work Force Management accounts. They would also be able to find details of unplanned leaves, late coming, early exits and late entries. This would help the teachers and staff to be aware of their own discipline and their improvement over time.

If you want to know more about Work Force Management and its attractive features, write to info@edsys.in