Teachers are widely using game-based learning strategies to help kids to understand difficult subjects like mathematics. Prodigy is a curriculum aligned math video game that is designed to connect to your students easily in class while reinforcing essential skills along with lesson content. Unlike other games, the prodigy math game is highly adaptive as it tactfully assimilates common-core math into a much-loved fantasy style game.

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Moreover, this game takes the next step in teaching as it provides an influential set of assessment and reporting tools that aids them to effortlessly recognize trouble spots and differentiate instruction thereby better handle classroom time. To add to its excellence in conveying subject ideas, this web-based game can be accessed at home or class or any place of convenience as it is virtually available.

Here let us have a look at what exactly prodigy math games are all about and why it is being widely accepted and used by over many millions of students, teachers and parents.

How to Use prodigy to Improve Math Learning Skills?

There are really interesting elements in this math game that engages students easily and make them crave for more.

It even comes with role-playing options where students can compete in math fights against exciting characters in the game.

Let us see how teachers and parents are making use of math game prodigy to enhance math learning skills of students.

Creates Curriculum-aligned Content

Unlike similar math games, the prodigy is more of a curriculum-aligned that helps students to not only enjoy the game but at the same time helps them to learn maths basics which enables them to succeed in class, as well.

The learning graph is linear and well defined that aids students to understand the subject better and to solve the problems more logically.

Students can practice the math areas that are relevant for their particular syllabus.

It covers over 50 international and national curriculum including Common Core and TEKS which enables students to choose the relevant course material while playing games.

Learn Over 1400 crucial Math Skills

Prodigy math games are not like other common math games that only cover common maths areas or one or two age groups.

Students from a wide range of grades from 1 to 8 are covered in the game types as they have the privilege to choose from over 1400+ math topics.

Kids can engage through fun and interactive math puzzles, games and battles while covering key areas of the subject.

They have the opportunity to solve over 75,000 math questions that enables them to learn something fresh and new every day.

Here are a few of the key math areas covered by prodigy for different class grades:

  • Grade 8: Finding slope & intercepts, scientific notation, statistics, & square roots, exponent rules, irrational numbers, the Pythagorean theorem
  • Grade 7: Probability, finding the radius & circumference of a circle, adding & subtracting linear expressions, proportional relationships, addition & subtraction of rational numbers, mean, median, & mode
  • Grade 6: Ratios, integers, solving variable expressions, exponent rules, graphing coordinates, & reciprocals
  • Grade 5: converting different units of measurement, finding the volume of shapes, solving expressions, multiplying & dividing with decimals
  • Grade 4: prime numbers, properties of various shapes, comparing decimals, addition & subtraction of fractions
  • Grade 3: comparing fractions, multiplication & division word problems, solving for the area, volume & mass
  • Grade 2: Even & odd numbers, converting from ones to tens to thousands, reading graphs, identifying and counting money
  • Grade 1: Telling time, shapes, fractions, & patterns, addition, subtraction

Target Problem Areas through Differentiation

Prodigy math game offers embedded assignments for different math areas for various class level students and they can slowly and systematically progress based on their proficiency level. Moreover, educators have the privilege to personalize homework, tests, and class assignments for topics of their choice.

Every student may not be of this same understanding level and may need additional practice and support for certain areas. The game lets the teacher customize the assignments to handle such cases. With the option to target problem areas through differentiation, students need not compete with other students every time but progress at their own pace.

Tracks Real-Time Progress

In addition to providing comprehensive math content for practice, math game prodigy enables teachers to track the real-time progress of the students at any given time. There are options to view individual student reports or weekly reports of the class in the dashboard that lets them to easily track their understanding levels.

This helps them to easily figure out the problem areas for particular students and work on it separately. The extensive diagnostic analysis provided by prodigy gives room for betterment and students can work on their weak areas for better outcomes.

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Features & Benefits of Prodigy

This gaming platform makes use of differentiated instruction principles and adaptive learning to customize the content to address the varying trouble spots of a particular set of students. Educators can, in fact, explore a whole novel world of online math learning options that empowers their teaching strategies while equally benefiting the students.

Let us have a look at more exciting features and benefits of the prodigy, the math game that won the love of many maths and gaming enthusiasts.

  • The gaming options encourage self-paced math practice in and out of school. Solving problems are fun and exciting for students now as they cross various gaming levels while solving problems.
  • Prodigy addresses every child’s individual needs through differentiation strategies. It boosts test scores and learning outcomes of students with a wide array of economic backgrounds and proficiency levels.
  • There is no payment to use Prodigy in schools. However, parents can unlock premium memberships to explore more options.
  • It improves students’ cognitive learning by engaging with crucial math problems on a regular basis.
  • Virtual manipulative that comes with prodigy lets educators walk students through solving particular problems
  • Teachers can easily integrate assignment questions into the game to make them work out the problems even without the feeling that they are actually learning.

Unlike traditional times, modern-day teaching is more inclined to game-based learning as it satisfies their recreational purposes while enhancing their learning abilities.

According to reports, the prodigy math game is being used by over 50 million students, 1.5 million teachers, and 3 million parents across the globe.

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However, experts always suggest that it is not advisable to replace the conventional classroom instructions with modern-day gaming. But it would be great to use it as a support tool to encourage practice and engage students better.