The most powerful tool in education technology, Google Classroom is an ideal platform to manage teaching as well as learning.

Google Classroom is a digital education technology that makes it easy for students and instructors to connect.

This free online learning platform is equally beneficial for students and teachers. It is designed collaboratively with educators, which helps them save their valuable time on organizing classes and improving communication with learners.

This platform also makes teaching more creative, mutual as well as meaningful, which is beneficial for students worldwide.

With this tool, teachers can create classes, share out assignments, publish grades and send comments online.

Google has informed that schools using G Suite for education, organizations using G Suite for Nonprofits, individuals over 13 years of age with personal Google Accounts and all G Suite domains are eligible for using Classroom.

Even users with disabilities can also access the Classroom.

This helps learners and teachers to sort out assignments, improve teamwork, and promote better communication.

60 ways to use Google Classroom

1. Join easily

To join classes, students can easily sign in using a computer or mobile device.

Two easy ways to join the class include either joining a class with a class code or joining by accepting the teacher’s invitation.

Students can use the class code given by the teacher either in class or by email to join the class.

The teacher can resend the code if you missed it. In other cases, if the teacher sends an invitation, you can join the class on the Classroom homepage.

2. Learn free

There is no cost in joining Google Classroom. This tool is free for schools, which comes with a sign up for G Suite for Education. This tool also meets stringent security principles.

3. Easily Accessible

Learners and educators can work from any location in the Classroom at any time and on any device.

Sign in from any device you prefer to and you can easily access course materials, class, assignments, and feedback.

You can also find any missed work due to absences and locate their resources.

4. Up to Date with Assignments

Students can be aware of upcoming assignments through this app. The assignments section simplifies the educator’s job of creating and grading assignments for students.

New assignments can be easily generated using Docs and Drive and each student can be provided with a unique copy.

Those assignments can be downloaded from the Google Classroom app through smartphones or online.

5. Better Feedback from Teachers

With the Classroom, students will get better advice, as teachers have more time to track student progress.

Since the work process and tasks include simplified workflows, students will be given positive and custom-made as well as extra recommendations.

6. Communicate Effectively

Along with providing better learning options, communication tools in this system are also much effective.

With this cloud-based tool, you can ensure not to miss classes or assignments anymore.

A new parent notification feature is recently added, which keeps parents up to date with the happenings in the classroom.

7. Build up Reliable Work

In real classrooms, educators may find it difficult to help all students in choosing the right topics for projects or assignments and generating unique reports.

But through this digital and collaborative classroom, all students can be equally taken care of and thus improve their writing.

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8. Get better classes

With such an easy-to-use tool to deal with administrative tasks efficiently, educators will focus more on their teaching tasks.

This will be highly beneficial for students in getting informative and interactive classes.

9. Learn in Paperless Atmosphere

Being paperless and moving digital saves the environment and you will learn many advanced options too.

Technical advancements like digital classrooms will help you to study even without traveling to distant colleges and even while working.

10. Stay friendly with your classmates

With this tool, there are several options for students to team up. To make you work as a team, educators can arrange online discussions between learners and create group projects.

Along with these options, students can also collaborate on Google Docs, shared by the teacher.

11. Security and Protection

Google has already stated that their Classroom tool fully adheres to standard security and privacy standards of users’ data and protection facilities are available to face any attempts from users or schools to compromise it.

12. Ask Questions

You can ask questions to teachers and clarify your doubts in lessons, projects, and assignments.

Just choose the “Create Question” button in the app. You can also interact with students using this feature. Students can view and reply to each other’s answers.

13. Create a digital portfolio

Student e-portfolios are ideal to highlight and publish their work and checkout growth over time.

Teachers consider this portfolio to grade assignments, share summaries of activities with parents and share curricular resources.

14. Integration of any Apps

In Google Classroom, users can integrate any educator-approved apps. The integration of such apps can improve creativity and provide endless opportunities for learning.

There are hundreds of such education applications including Pearson Education, Studytracks, PBS, Writable and more.

15. Right Comments from Teachers

As Classroom provides options for diverse comments in the comment section, you can get the right comments in class.

While certain comments will be visible to everyone, private comments can be made on individual student results. Comments can also be made in specific slides, drawing or doc.

16. Posts can be Reused

Instead of recreating assignments, questions or announcements similar to those once created, you can just select the button “reuse post” with the “+” button.

After modification, new copies of all attachments can be made.

17. Customize Emails from Classroom

Students can get emails customized or you have to spend more time on clear all notifications sent from Classrooms.

In the settings option, you can choose the checkbox to turn off email notifications.

18. Provide Suggestions for any New Features

Learners and educators can provide suggestions for new features to the Google Classroom team, just like adding a new button to perform any task better than how it is done now.

For the more popular feedback, chances are more for that feature to be implemented.

19. Easily submit an Assignment

Instead of turning in a slide PPT or Google doc to submit an assignment, you can choose the button “mark as done” in the tool to let the educator know that you have completed the assignment or project.

20. More Exposure

Learners will get more exposure to this online learning system, which also boosts you in higher education.

Diverse colleges, as well as university programs, now make it mandatory for students to enroll in at least one online class.

You can also get Classroom effectively for

21. Get reminders of any deadlines

22. Make learning interactive and mutual

23. Options to comment on classroom discussions

24. Get course works assigned in a secure way

25. Find organized materials and resources in the Classwork page

26. Stay active by eliminating diversions even in locked mode

27. Get share “right now” links from educators via announcements

28. Options to add multiple links and files to your assignment

29. Get suggestions and ideas from other online communities

30. Download grades are given for assignments easily

31. Find class sessions in chronological order by teachers

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32. Option to refer approved research files and sources

33. Get announcements for students and parents on-time

34. Public calendar to get due dates of assignment

35. Digital communication to improve the conversation

36. Commonly-accessed websites for all learners can be published

37. Assignments of specific standards can be shared as a landmark

38. Simplified process of sharing files between classmates and educators

39. Choose a common language that is easy to understand

40. Formal learning can be made possible using smartphones

41. Better interaction options with other students and teachers

42. Receive voice comments for your projects and tasks

43. Digital parking lot available for adding questions

44. Mixed lesson materials and digital texts will be placed in folders

45. Smarter conferencing options for learners with educators and parents

46. Color-coding options to highlight data

47. Accurate feedback given for learning and results scored

48. Get educator’s tips for best practices in learning

49. Get included in groups created based on interest and learning level

50. Participate in digital team-building activities

51. Permissions will be set for posts/comments by class or student

52. Get more free time to complete other tasks along with learning

53. Instructions given can be differentiated based on learners

54. Complete assignments in easy steps than writing manually

55. Data analysis will be done to ensure you are clear about learning objectives

56. The customized learning experience in a technical atmosphere

57. Student Response System in the platform allows inserting questions

58. Integration with Google Drive/Docs to submit completed assignments

59. All class materials and documents are accessible in one place.

60. Get rewards for assignments from educators in Classcraft

Hope these details help you benefit from Google Classroom in a better way.