Top 10 Stress Managing Tips for School Going Children

Childhood is supposed to be stress-free. But unfortunately they are not so in the present world. School goers experience a significant amount of stress due to their busy schedule, school activities, exams,  results etc. Parent being busier than children, it is very hard to find time for managing stress in their children. So the best alternative is to prepare them to reduce  stress themselves. We can also help them to an extent. Here are some tips to manage stress.

  1. Power naps: Taking a nap in the afternoon will help a lot to reduce stress. So advice them to practice it. It should be around half an hour. A prolonged sleep will spoil the purpose. A short nap will increase concentration and memory.
  2. Visualization: Helping children to visualise planned activities will help reduce stress and makes it easier to complete each activity. Visualization helps to calm down and detach from what is stressing.
  3. Exercise: Exercise regularly. That will make their mind and body strong and stable. A healthy body will surely have a healthy mind. There are simple, easy to practice exercises such as breathing exercises which can strengthen children’s mind and help reduce stress.
  4. Music: Listening to calm music will reduce stress and stimulates our mind. It gives us pleasure and motivates us sometimes. Playing calm music in background while engaged in activities will have a soothing effect on children’s mind.
  5. Stay organized: being systematic and staying organized are the two best steps to reduce stress. Once on the right track, we don’t have to worry about preparation. Staying organized means having an order in everything; in the activities and in keeping  belongings or study materials.
  6. Eat right: Eating on time is very important to have a healthy mind and body. Eating the right thing at the right time will help us a lot. Eating a lot of junk food and oily food will inversely affect our concentration and make us feel dizzy. Drinking a lot of water and having a planned diet will reduce our stress and make us energetic.
  7. Positive thinking:   The habit of positive thinking and optimism should be cultivated from childhood to  reduce stress and increase peace of mind. It will keep us happy and refresh our mind. It will result in good performances and high grades.
  8. Student friendly classrooms: The classroom or school atmosphere shouldn’t be stressful to children. It must be a favourite hangout for children. To make the classroom friendly, teachers and school authorities should work hard. For early years education, adopting EYFS curriculum is a good option. EYFS supports child-centered education and it isn’t stressful to children. Employing EYFS managing software can help teachers and parents to make the classroom a student friendly one.
  9. Learn through fun:  Traditional classroom system insists more tension on children. Its mode of evaluation, exams and gradation can be stressful to children. This teaching method was a successful method. But in keeping with the changing times, a less stressful method needs to be adopted. Let them learn things through fun and games. Adopting EYFS or School Apps is a better method for this.  Children will love to use Smart Apps. It will make learning interesting and reduce the stress that cause by intensive learning.
  10. Effective parent- teacher communication: Parent- teacher communication is necessary to reduce unwanted stress from the minds of children. If a teacher knows the family background of a child, it will be a blessing for the child. Both the parents and the teachers can share their views about the child’s development. It will give a better idea to both parties about the best way to nurture their child.  Parent Portals are technological advancements  that enhance parent-teacher communication.


To make childhood more colorful and stress-free, parents and teachers should be an active part of children’s life. Avoid unhealthy comparisons and declaration of grades in public. Family should be supportive, which in itself would make students more relaxed. Only a stress-free mind can become creative. So for the development of a creative new generation, let’s help our children to wipe out all their worries and tension.

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