If your goal is to become a teacher, you must grab the attention of the principal by writing a top teacher cover letter. This means that you should treat it as your final exam and not as an inconsequential quiz. This guide will help you make a perfect cover letter so that you end up landing more interviews irrespective of whether you are aspiring for a position of an elementary, substitute, pre-school, high school or an ESL teacher.

Example of a Cover Letter for the post of an Elementary Teacher

Elementary school teachers are responsible to teach as well as mentor young children, develop materials and projects, and encourage them to learn as well as develop different skill sets.

They also have to meet with parents and guardians to evaluate and maintain records of the progress made by the students.


(Your Name)

(Your Address with the Name of the City, State, and ZIP Code)

(Your Phone Number)

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[Name of the Hiring Manager]

[School Address with the Name of the City, State, and ZIP Code]

[Hiring Manager’s Phone Number]

[Hiring Manager’s Email Address]

RE: Application for the Position of an Elementary School Teacher’s Position in [Name of the School]

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Name of the Hiring Manager],

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement on the School District job board for the position of Elementary Teacher in your school. With more than seven years of experience in teaching students from the first to fifth grades in [name the schools you have worked for], I can confidently say that I have the expertise to command students’ attention and manage them regardless the number of students.. These skills, combined with my capability to create a positive learning environment, will enable me to perform my duties well.

Having said that here are a few aspects that highlight my performance in my current as well as past teaching experiences:

Development of TEKS-compatible activities related to health and nutrition for promoting better eating and exercise habits.

Setting up of an open-door policy for parent-teacher conferences from 6:30 am to 8:00 am

Planning and executing weekly after-school art class sessions for 1st grade to 3rd-grade students

Apart from my teaching experience and management skills, it is my pleasure to serve young children, which makes me the right candidate for the position of an elementary teacher in your school. I am passionate about education and I am excited to work alongside the administrators and staff members of your school and help elementary class students.

I have attached herewith my resume for your kind perusal. I am looking forward to an appointment with you for further discussion and would be happy to share any additional information that you may need. Thank you very much for reading.


(Your Name)


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Example of Cover Letter for the post of a Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teachers handle classes in the absence of full-time teachers.

They have to ensure the right learning environment and monitor progress being made by students.

Position requirements for Substitute Teachers typically include implementation of lesson plans, managing classroom, assigning homework, evaluating the performance of students, participating in parent meetings, and organizing after-school activities.

Substitute Teachers need to continuously update their knowledge and keep learning.

P.S. Only the body of the letter is given in the examples as there is no change in the rest of the aspects. The same standard will be followed for the rest of the examples as well.


As an enthusiastic and skilled teacher with a lot of experience in implementing lesson plans and the ability to effectively communicate with diverse students, I take great pleasure in submitting my resume for your perusal. My passion for education, combined with my background, enables me to contribute significantly as a Substitute Teacher in your school.

I can confidently say that I have excellent capabilities when it comes to classroom management, implementation of innovative educational techniques, and cross-functional collaboration. As I have handled a wide range of subjects and worked in various capacities, I have been able to hone my communication and motivational skills. My passion for fostering exciting and collaborative educational environments has helped me develop highly thoughtful, productive, and accomplished students.

Qualification and Highlights of My Experience

I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Education and teaching certification from ……state.

Creating and implementing educational programs and activities that facilitate a personalized approach to education and stimulate students’ interest in learning.

Adhering to guidelines and regular lesson plans for maintaining consistent classroom environments in the absence of normal teacher.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with students; encouraging them to ask doubts, make comments, and express concerns; and creating an exciting and dynamic classroom environment.

With my experience and credentials, I will be able to ensure the highest learning standards that exceed expectations at your school in the role of a Substitute Teacher. I am looking forward to an appointment with you to discuss my qualifications and experience in detail. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

 Example of Cover Letter for the Post of a Preschool Teacher

As a Preschool Teacher, you have to work with children in the age group of 3 to 5 years and help them move on to kindergarten.

A Preschool Teacher has to handle various subjects in such a way that young children can understand them in a better manner.

Duties include teaching children to read and write, developing lesson plans, creating schedules, organizing activities, monitoring children’s intellectual and emotional development, reporting to parents, imparting learning through play, and identifying talent.


I am truly delighted to know through LinkedIn that there are openings for Preschool Teachers in your school. Currently, I am working as a preschool teacher at ABC School in XYZ and I am familiar with the functioning of private schools and the intensive learning environments they offer. Prior to my stint at ABC School, I was with EFG Preschool in XXX for four years. Some of the key aspects related to my teaching career till now include the following:

Was recognized as the Teacher of the Month (April 2018) while working at the ABC School

Have developed and coordinated student field trips successfully; 95 of the parents gave positive feedback

Implemented an extensively reviewed storytelling program; It improved the speech clarity of students by 24 percent

Additional qualifications:

Certification in child and infant CPR 

My talent in music which I would be putting to use in the classroom; I have the ability to engage students through music and arts and have received accolades for the same

I would love to know more about the opportunity for Preschool Teachers at your school and am looking forward to an appointment to discuss with you in this regard. You can contact me if you want to know more about my experiences. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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 Example of a Cover Letter for the post of a High School Teacher

High School Teachers handle classes for students in 9th to 12th grades. They are often specialized in specific subjects such as English, mathematics, or science. They also need to have state licenses that allow them to handle classes in public schools. High School Teachers plan lessons, organize activities, employ multiple teaching methods, assign homework, motivate students, take disciplinary actions as and when needed, discuss concepts, clear students’ doubts, and accompany students during educational trips.


I am writing this letter with great anticipation as securing a position as a High School Teacher in your school is of great interest to me. I am an enthusiastic as well as a dedicated educator with hands-on experience in teaching high school students and I look forward to becoming one of the key members of the academic team in your school. My teaching abilities combined with my work ethic and strong interpersonal skills make me the right candidate for teaching the science subject.

As an experienced teacher, I strongly believe that the key to success as far as high school students are concerned is experiential and inquiry-based education. I have the innate ability to motivate students, ascertain their inner abilities and strengths, and find out as to what really inspires them. I am also good at creating a learning environment that inspires students to realize their full potential.

I am committed to helping my students and will come up with lesson plans that will make learning science easy for them. I will design participatory activities, make use of technology, provide guided practice, include problem-based learning strategies, and ensure real-world applications so that students enhance their skills and make good progress. My experience as a high school teacher has taught me the valuable lesson that adopting a facilitating style of teaching is much better than dictating. According to me, students retain information for a longer period of time when they are provided with the right learning experiences.

It is my passion to work with students and create a positive influence that has enabled me to become a good teacher and I have realized over the years that education is vital to prepare young people for achieving success in life. As a highly motivated educator, I would sincerely welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss how I could be of service to the school. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.




 Example of Cover Letter for the post of an ESL Teacher

ESL Teachers handle sessions for non-native students. They work with immigrants to help them understand the new language so that they can be easily integrated with English-speaking students. They organize classroom activities, deliver lessons, administer tests, assign homework, provide feedback, promote language school services, and maintain student records.


I am a skilled ESL Teacher and I am excited to know that you have openings in your school for the right candidates. My qualifications and experience align very well with your requirements, especially because of my stint as an ESL Teacher with ABC School for the last 5 years. I am sure that I would be able to make significant contributions to your organization.

With over 11 years of experience as an ESL Teacher, I am adept at assessing learning styles and designing personalized lesson plans. Moreover, the well-rounded skill set I have acquired over the years include excellent analytical and communication capabilities. Further, I am fluent in Spanish, focused, goal-oriented, and committed.

Apart from my personal qualities and experience, I also possess a solid foundation in the Spanish language and a strong passion for education.

Kindly review my Curriculum Vitae that I have attached herewith for more details as regards my expertise and achievements. I would request you to give me an appointment so that I can provide further information in person. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


In short, a good cover letter for a teacher’s job should include information such as your teaching skills and the ability to deal with different students. It should also display your self-confidence and communication skills, among others.