Teach Cleanliness To Your Child Effortlessly

One of the seven areas of learning in EYFS relates to the physical development of the child. Teaching your children to follow healthy ways and healthy habits in life is really important.

Training your child- What are the areas to focus on?

Don’t restrict yourself on putting your effort only in making them learn how to brush their teeth or wash their hands before eating and doing the other daily routines.  Also guide them in maintaining cleanliness during every day activities. That is what EYFS focuses on.

Explain to them why he/she is expected to follow this and that. Create awareness in the child. Let them understand that what they are doing doesn’t merely constrain itself to mimicking elders. This will make your efforts easier and your toddler will surprise you with better adherence to your instructions.

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What to do and what not to do?

1. Teach Right. Teach Slow.

Give them clear and precise directions. Don’t give them confusing or hasty instructions and demand them to repeat when you’re done. Show them how to do it a multiple number of times.

2. Be Patient

Be patient and wait for improvements or results. Don’t get frustrated. This could take matters to the emotional side. Show the same amount of care and concern every time you deal with your child. Showing irritability can inhibit your child from seeking help from you anymore. Even if the child had repeated what you’ve taught once or twice previously, do not expect that he/she will do it right every time.

3. Give Treats

Motivate your child by offering a small and cheap treat, a chocolate or a coin to put in the piggy bank for a day of finishing their routines well.

4. Make Yourselves an Example to Follow

It is really annoying when the kids are required to follow a set of instructions and they watch you doing exactly the opposite. It will be really a struggle for them to understand the values you are trying to inculcate if you are not giving it any respect yourselves.  Keep yourselves and your surroundings clean; as well as your floors, cupboards, toilet, kitchen etc.

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5. Encourage Participation

Encourage them to participate in doing chores, cleaning up, and tidying. Give them simple tasks like taking their dishes to the kitchen after eating or taking their used clothes to the laundry basket.

6. Monitor and Make Changes

Teaching is not merely giving confined sets of instructions to follow. You have to monitor your child’s progress continuously. You should be at their service when they need external help until they gain some sort of mastery over it. Notice what they do right and what they do not. Praise them for what they deserve. Do revisions of your mode of approach if required. If a specific way is too difficult for your child, devise a better way that your child finds easier to follow.

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