More Inspection Improves School Standard Let’s Find Out


School inspections improve the quality and standard of schools. Hence it is the responsibility of each one of us to take care of our valuable schools and maintain its worthiness.

Dubai government have taken an initiative to improve the quality of private schools, known as Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The KHDA inspection use four -point scale to rate the schools.

The four levels in the scale are as follows:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • unsatisfactory

KHDA publishes the rating of each inspected schools in its website. The rating of each school helps parents in deciding the school for their children. This obviously improves the standard of the school.

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Why school inspection matters?

          School inspection is the process of monitoring and evaluating the academic performance and development of schools. The inspecting team inspects qualification and fitness of staff, provision and appliances of instructions, health and recreation activities, discipline among students, infrastructure, fee structure, attendance, subjects taught and examination results. They also look for personal development, welfare and behaviour, moral, cultural and spiritual growth of the children.

The inspection team assess quality of teaching based on their observation. To make the inspection beneficial, a proper relationship should be maintained between school authorities and the inspection team.

Here are some reasons why inspecting schools is necessary:

  • To grant approval from government:

Schools are inspected with respect of their pupil’s enrolment, number, teacher’s qualification, infrastructure, equipment, curriculum etc. If they meet all these necessities according to the requirement, then government nods approval.

  • To inspect for operational improvement:

The inspection team takes details about staffs, student population, school finance, academic programmes, co-curricular activities, health and sanitary aspects in the school. Based on this record, they call a meeting with school authorities to improve the operation of school.

  • To inspect the school’s programme recognition:

This is conducted to recognize and approve various academic performances. The team inspect in terms of quality, quantity, staffing and equipments which are used to present students effectively.

  • To inspect school if there is any situational demand:

Here the school is not inspected for measuring the productivity but for evaluating the specific case or situation. Such inspection is essential when there is any crisis.

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Inspections Evaluates and Sustains Quality

More inspection improves the standard of the school as the inspecting team focus on the development of the school. The suggestion put forth by inspection team is practical and accurate. Credibility and respectability of the inspection team is very much essential. Without proper inspection, no school will undergo development. Hence regular inspection is necessary for a school.

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