GK Questions For Class 7

General Knowledge is something that involves every aspect of studies. It may or may not be included in academics at times. And so, G.K. is a tool to develop one’s general awareness.

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Check out some school student’s gk questions with answers for class 7.

1) World Homoeopathy Day is observed on ______

Ans- April 10

2) What is the square of 42?

Ans- 1764

3) Baku is the capital of which country?

Ans- Azerbaijan

4) Name the currency used in Japan?

Ans- Yen

5) Which lake is situated in the border of countries, Peru and Bolivia?

Ans- Lake Titicaca

6) The distance travelled by light in one year is called _______

Ans- Light Year

7) When is World Hearing Day?

Ans- March 23

8) What is the theme of World Hearing Day 2022?

Ans- To hear for life, listen with care!

9) ________________ is known as “antisterility vitamin”?

Ans- Vitamin E

10) Name a non-metal that conducts electricity?

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Ans- Graphite

11) Birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is observed as?

Ans- National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekta Divas)

12) Who discovered X-Rays?

Ans- Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

13) Name the main gases present in the Sun?

Ans- Hydrogen and Helium

14) Name the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain?

Ans- Manama

15) What is the theme of World Meteorological Day 2022?

Ans- Early Warning and Early Action

16) What is the capital of Norway?

Ans- Oslo

17) Name the compound necessary for photosynthesis in leaves?

Ans- Chlorophyll

18) What are the tiny pores present in plant leaves called?

Ans- Stomata

19) Who invented electricity?

Ans- Benjamin Franklin

20) Name the continent known as “Dark Continent”?

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Ans- Africa

21) ______ is the hardest substance available on Earth.

Ans- Diamond

22) Name the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure

Ans- Barometer

23) Who was the first woman to go to space?

Ans- Valentina Tereshkova

24) Which bird is known for its intelligence?

Ans- Owl

25) Which is the gas absorbed by plants?

Ans- Carbon Dioxide

26) What is the capital of Denmark?

Ans- Copenhagen

27) Olympic Games of which year were cancelled due to World War I?

Ans- 1916

28) How many players are there in a Kho Kho team?

Ans- 9

29) Who was the first President of the United States?

Ans- George Washington

30) Name the continent with the highest population density?

Ans- Asia

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31) Beriberi disease is caused by the deficiency of _________

Ans- Vitamin B

32) Scientific study of birds is called _______

Ans- Ornithology

33) Name the organ responsible for blood purification in human body

Ans- Kidney

34) What is the name of the process where excess water in plants gets released?

Ans- Transpiration

35) What is the main source of energy produced through photosynthesis in plants?

Ans- Glucose

36) The measure of moisture in the air is known as _________

Ans- Humidity

37) A decagon has _______ sides.

Ans- 10

38) 3 raised to power 0 is ________.

Ans- 1

39) Which is the smallest three-digit number?

Ans- 1000

40) Which is the largest three-digit number?

Ans- 999

41) What is the cube root of 27?

Ans- 3

42) What is another name for Northern Lights?

Ans- Aurora Boralis

43) There are a total of _____ time zones in the world.

Ans- 24

44) What is the full form of GPS?

Ans- Global Positioning System

45) Which famous explorer discovered Cuba?

Ans- Christopher Columbus

46) Which is the hardest substance on the human body?

Ans- Tooth enamel

47) Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?

Ans- Paris, France

48) Which planet is known as Earth’s Twin?

Ans- Venus

49) Which is the loudest animal on Earth?

Ans- Sperm whale

50) Which blood group is known as “universal donor”?

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Ans- O+

51) _____ is a flying mammal.

Ans- Bat

52) Which animal has fingerprints similar to that of humans?

Ans- Koala

53) What is the colour of polar bear’s skin?

Ans- Black

54) Which protein is a fingernail made of?

Ans- Keratin

55) Which bird can fly backward?

Ans- Humming bird

56) Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

Ans- Marie Curie (in the year 1903)

57) _____ is the warmest sea on Earth.

Ans- Read Sea

58) Which is the fastest snake in the world?

Ans- Black Mamba

59) Which is the largest organ in the human body?

Ans- Skin

60) Which is the largest lake in Japan?

Ans- Biwa

61) Name the vitamin that helps to heal wounds?

Ans- Vitamin C

62) Equilateral polygons have all ______ equal.

Ans- Sides

63) Which country does famous footballer Lionel Messi belong to?

Ans- Argentina

64) The atomic number of Iron (Fe) is _____.

Ans- 26

65) What is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Ans- Abu Dhabi

66) Golfer Vijay Singh belongs to which country?

Ans- Fiji

67) Which blood cells do not have a nucleus?

Ans- Blood platelets

68) Who authored the renowned novel “The Godfather”?

Ans- Mario Puzo

69) RAM is located in which part of the computer?

Ans- Mother board

70) Who was nicknamed the “Little Corporal”?

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Ans- Napolean Bonaparte

71) The ceiling of Sistine Chapel has frescos painted by which famous painter?

Ans- Michelangelo

72) What was the court language used by Mughals?

Ans- Persian

73) Orange Prize is related to the field of ____________.

Ans- Literature

74) When did World War II start?

Ans- 1939

75) Vienna is the capital of which country?

Ans- Austria

76) Who discovered Protons?

Ans- Rutherford

  1. What does ‘Xylem’ in plants do?

Ans: Transport water

  1. Which is the ‘class’ of Octopus?

Ans: Cephalopod

  1. What does Big Bang Theory explain?

Ans: Origin of Universe

  1. Who is the author of ‘Origin of Species’?

Ans: Charles Darwin

  1. What kind of mosquito carries malaria?

Ans- Anopheles Mosquitoes

  1. Name the smallest Ocean.

Ans: Arctic Ocean

  1. Which day is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day?

Ans: March 15

  1. What is Light year?

Ans: It is the unit of distance

  1. Which is the sacred book of Buddhists?

Ans: Tripitakas

  1. Cataract is the disease of _.

Ans- Eye

  1. What is the SI unit of Force?

Ans: Newton

  1. Who is the author of ‘Wings of Fire’?

Ans: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  1. Who is the father of Economics?

Ans: Adam Smith

  1. What is the common name of Sodium Carbonate?

Ans: Washing Soda

  1.   What is Phycology?

Ans: Study of Algae

  1. Which is the first Asian country to orbit Mars?

Ans: India

  1. Which country is the largest producer of Coffee?

Ans: Brazil

  1. The terms’ Bull and Bear’ is associated with __________.

gk for class 7 (1)

Ans: Stock Market

  1.   Where are the HeadQuarters of UNESCO?

Ans: Paris, France

  1. Which are the colors of the rings of the Olympic flag?

Ans: Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow

  1. Who invented ‘Lift’?

Ans: Elisha Graves Otis

  1. Which river crosses the equator twice?

Ans: Congo River

  1. Which is the device used to locate submerged objects under sea?


  1. Which of these beaches is not in Goa?

a) Anjuna

b) Baga

c) Kovalam

d) Calangute

Ans: Kovalam

GK Questions

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