GK Questions For Class 4

General knowledge can impart interest in young minds by opening them to a new world of knowledge. General Knowledge covers a wide range of subjects including plants, animals, astronomy, places, etc, and events from the past, present, and what is likely to happen in the future.

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So here are some simple and easy gk quiz questions and answers for class 4 to sharpen their intellectual skills.

1) Which is the largest island in the world?

Ans- Greenland

2) What is the name of the sword owned by King Arthur?

Ans- Excaliber

3) Who is known as “Nightingale of India”?

Ans- Sarojini Naidu

4) Who is known as the “father of geometry”?

Ans- Euclid

5) Who wrote the national song of India? (Vande Mataram)

Ans- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

6) When is National Girl Child Day celebrated in India?

Ans- January 24

7) A leap year has _____ days.

Ans- 366

8) Taj Mahal is situated on the banks of which river?

Ans- Yamuna

9) Name the largest planet in our solar system

Ans- Jupiter

10) Our solar system consists of _____ planets

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Ans- 8

11) _____ is known as the brain of the computer.

Ans- CPU

12) _____ What is the full form of CPU?

Ans- Central Processing Unit

13) Which part of the human body has the smallest bone?

Ans- EAR

14) Penicillin was invented by ________.

Ans- Alexander Fleming

15) Saina Nehwal is related to which sport?

Ans- Badminton

16) Giza Pyramids situated in which country?

Ans- Egypt

17) Statue of liberty is situated in which city?

Ans- New York

18) Which is the most sensitive organ in the human body?

Ans- Skin

19) Computer was invented by _______.

Ans- Charles Babbage

20) Which animal is known as the ship of the desert?

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Ans- Camel

21) An octagon has _____ sides.

Ans- 8

22) Which colour represents peace?

Ans- White

23) How many players are there in a cricket team?

Ans- 11

24) Which African country is famous for chocolate?

Ans- Ghana

25) Olympic Games are held every ____ years.

Ans- 4

26) Which is the largest desert in the world?

Ans- Sahara Desert

27) Which is the tallest waterfall in the world?

Ans- Angel Falls

28) Which is the biggest animal in the world?

Ans- Antarctic Blue Whale

29) What is another name for Table Tennis?

Ans- Ping pong

30) Where will the 2024 Olympics be held?

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Ans- Paris

31) Dipa Karmakar is associated with which sport?

Ans- Gymnastics

32) When was the first modern Olympics held?

Ans- 1896 (in Athens, Greece)

33) Where is leaning tower of Pisa located?

Ans- Italy

34) Where is Louvre Museum situated?

Ans- Paris, France

35) Which river is nicknamed “Sorrow of China”?

Ans- Yellow River

36) Where is world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, located?

Ans- Dubai, UAE

37) What was the name of the ISRO mission to Mars?

Ans- Mangalyaan

38) Who invented Java programming language?

Ans- James Gosling

39) Who is known as the father of C language?

Ans- Dennis Ritchie

40) What is the full form of bit?

Ans- Binary digit

41) What is the name of the supercomputer placed at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)?

Ans- Pratyush

42) Which is the world’s fastest super computer?

Ans- Fugaku Supercomputer

43) Which number has no reciprocal?

Ans- 1

44) A heptagon has _____ sides.

Ans- 7

45) The sum of the angles of a triangle is _____.

Ans- 180˚

46) Which blood cells in our body help to fight infections?

Ans- White Blood Cells

47) What is the full form of BMP?

Ans- Bit Map Picture

48) Monitor of a computer is an _______ device.

Ans- Output

49) How many oceans are there in the world?

Ans- 7

50) In which country is Mount Everest located?

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Ans- Nepal

51) What is the capital of Belgium?

Ans- Brussels

52) Who was the first President of India?

Ans- Dr Rajendra Prasad

53) Who invented telescope?

Ans- Galileo Galilei

54) Which is the smallest bird in the world?

Ans- Humming bird

55) Which is the largest country in terms of population?

Ans- China

56) Which is the largest delta in the world?

Ans- Sunderban delta (Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta)

57) Durand Cup is related to which sport?

Ans- Football

58) World Red Cross Day is celebrated on ________.

Ans- May 8th

59) Which country is known as the “Land of Cakes”?

Ans- Scotland

60) Which is the world’s largest coral reef system?

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Ans- The Great Barrier Reef

61) Which is the biggest bird in the world?

Ans- Ostrich

62) The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the USA from which country?

Ans- France

63) The largest moon of Saturn is ________.

Ans- Titan

64) The term “wicket” is related to which sport?

Ans- Cricket

65) Name an insect with colourful wings?

Ans- Butterfly

66) Which state is known as the Orchid Paradise of India?

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

67) Name the acid present in apple

Ans- Malic acid

68) Which country awards Nobel Prize?

Ans- Sweden

69) What is the currency of Malaysia?

Ans- Malaysian Ringgit

70) Measurement of right angle is ___________.

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Ans- 90˚

71) What is a triangle with two equal sides called?

Ans- Isosceles triangle

72) Which metal is used to make the filament of an electric bulb?

Ans- Tungsten

73) How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?

Ans- 73

74) Trout and Carp are types of _________.

Ans- Fish/strong>

75) A polygon with 8 sides is called __________.

Ans- Octagon

76) Which organ purifies our blood?

Ans- Kidney

77) The animal with a hump on its back is _?

Ans- Camel

78) The brain of a computer is _.

Ans- CPU

79) The largest continent is _.

Ans- Asia

80) Who wrote ‘Ramayana’?

Ans- Valmiki

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81)  How many bones are there in a newborn baby?

Ans- 300

82)  Martyrs’ Day is celebrated every year on _.

Ans- 30th January

83) The fastest animal on earth is?

Ans- Cheetah

84) Earth Day celebrated on?

Ans- April 22nd

85) The National Tree of India is?

Ans- Banyan Tree

86) Which is the tallest animal in the world?

Ans- Giraffe

87) What is the full form of RAM?

Ans- Random Access Memory

88) Who wrote ‘Discovery of India’?

Ans- Jawaharlal Nehru

89) Which is the tallest statue in the world?

Ans- The Statue of Unity, India

90) Young one of the horses is called?

Ans- Colt

91) How many players are there in a cricket team?

Ans- 11

92) How many days does earth take to revolve around the sun?

Ans- 365 days

93) The biggest sea animal is _.

Ans- Dolphin

94) Which is the largest desert in India?

Ans- Thar desert

95) Which is the densest jungle in the world?

Ans- Amazon

96) When is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

Ans- September 5th

97) A place where bees are kept is called _.

Ans- Aviary

98) How many sides are there in a pentagon?

Ans- Five

99) Which is the smallest state in India?

Ans- Goa

100) Who is the father of our Nation?

Ans- Mahatma Gandhi

GK Questions

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