GK Questions For Class 3

GK Questions For Class 3

Since ages, it has always been for kids to know more General Knowledge quizzes. As adults, we are supposed to encourage their interest. Below given are certain GK quiz questions for class 3. 

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1) A polygon with 5 sides is called a _________.

Ans- Pentagon

2) What is the young one of a kangaroo called?

Ans- Joey

3) What is the name of India’s highest mountain peak?

Ans- Kanchenjunga

4) The capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is ______.

Ans- Port Blair

5) Which is the largest country in the world, in terms of area?

Ans- Russia

6) The two holes on the nose through which we breathe are called _________.

Ans- Nostrils

7) In which country did the game, chess, originate?

Ans- India

8) The wheel in the center of Indian national flag has _____ spokes.

Ans- 24

9) Who is the author of Harry Potter series of books?

Ans- J.K. Rowling

10) Who was known as “Human Computer”?

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Ans- Shakuntala Devi

11) Name the instrument used to measure the speed of wind?

Ans- Anemometer

12) Name the smallest planet in our solar system?

Ans- Mercury

13) Any number multiplied by zero is ________.

Ans- Zero

14) Which is the largest four-digit number?

Ans- 9999

15) Ganymede is the moon of which planet?

Ans- Jupiter

16) Who was the first person to land on the moon?

Ans- Jupiter

17) Who invented steam engine?

Ans- James Watt

18) Who was the first person to calculate the value of Pi?

Ans- Archimedes

19) In which country is Mount Everest situated?

Ans- Nepal

20) Which is the biggest coral reef in the world?

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Ans- Great Barrier Reef

21) World’s largest rain forest is _________.

Ans- The Amazon

22) Which is the biggest part of the brain?

Ans- Cerebrum

23) _________ animals sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

Ans- Nocturnal animals

24) Animals that eat meat are called _________.

Ans- Carnivores

25) Name an insectivorous plant?

Ans- Venus Flytrap

26) A newborn baby has _______ bones.

Ans- 300

27) How many millimeters make a meter?.

Ans- 1000

28) How many millimeters make a meter?.

Ans- 1000

29) What is an angle that has a value less than 90˚ called?

Ans- Acute angle

30) What is an angle that has a value greater than 90˚ called?

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Ans- Obtuse angle

31) When a number is multiplied by 1, the product would be ________.

Ans- The Same Number

32) What is the art of folding paper to create shapes called?

Ans- Origami

33) The flag of which country has a non-quadrilateral shape?

Ans- Nepal

34) The place where beehives of honeybees are kept is called?

Ans- Apiary

35) Which is the fastest land animal?

Ans- Cheetah

36) Which animal has a hump on its back?

Ans- Camel

37) Name a commonly found reptile?

Ans- Lizard

38) Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Ans- Pacific Ocean

39) Australia lies between which two oceans?

Ans- Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean

40) Which is the coldest planet in our solar system?

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Ans- Neptune

41) Where is food collected in the human body once it is chewed and swallowed?

Ans- Stomach

42) Which pigment is responsible for the green colour of leaves?

Ans- Stomach

43) Which Indian city is known as “Orange City”?

Ans- Nagpur

44) Which city is known as the “Financial Capital of India”?

Ans- Mumbai

45) Which country won the first T20 world cup?

Ans- India

46) Which planet in our solar system takes less than 10 hours to complete its one rotation?

Ans- Jupiter

47) Which planet is known as the “blue planet”?

Ans- Earth

48) Which star is closest to the Earth?

Ans- The Sun

49) Which is the most abundant gas found on Earth?

Ans- Nitrogen

50) The mixture consisting of molten rocks that flow out of a volcano during the volcanic eruption is called ________.

Ans- Lava

51) Earth requires ____ hours to complete one rotation.

Ans- 24

52) What is the movement of Earth on its own axis resulting in day and night called?

Ans- Rotation

53) What is the movement of Earth around the Sun resulting in change of seasons called?

Ans- Revolution

54) The Earth is closest to the Sun during which season?

Ans- Summer

55) Name the galaxy our solar system is a part of?

Ans- Milky Way

56) Who invented video games?

Ans- Ralph Baer

57) Who invented postage stamp?

Ans- Rowland Hill

58) Which is the tallest animal in the world?

Ans- Giraffe

59) Which is the fastest bird in the world?

Ans- Ostrich

60) Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

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Ans- Angel Falls

61) Who wrote the world famous children’s book—Jungle Book?

Ans- Rudyard Kipling

62) Who wrote the book “Chronicles of Narnia”?

Ans- C.S. Lewis

63) The book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was written by _______.

Ans- Roald Dahl

64) Who wrote the popular children’s book “The Cat in The Hat”?

Ans- Dr. Suess

65) The book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was written by _________.

Ans- Eric Carle

65) How many years did the First World War (WWI) last?

Ans- Four (1914-1918)

67) How many years did the Second World War (WWII) last?

Ans- Six (1939-1945)

68) Distance between two countries is measured in __________.

Ans- Kilometers

69) In which country is the Eiffel Tower located?

Ans- France

70) Which number is neither prime nor composite?

Ans- 1

71) 5 times 20 equals to ______.

Ans- 1000

72) How many months of a year have only 30 days?

Ans- 4 (April, June, September and November)

73) An octopus has _____ hearts.

Ans- Three

74) The Statue of Liberty is located in which city?

Ans- New York, USA

75) Sunlight is the source of which vitamin?

Ans- Vitamin D

76) How many teeth does a human have?

Ans- 32

  1. On which planet do we live?

Ans: Earth

  1. How many continents do we have?

Ans: Seven

  1. What is the process in which plants make food known as?

Ans: Photosynthesis

  1. How many bones do we have?

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Ans: 206

  1. Name the biggest flower.

Ans: Rafflesia

  1. The animals that eat only plants and herbs are called ____________.

Ans: Herbivores

  1. Which country is known as the “Land of White Elephants”?

Ans: Thailand

  1. Which is the biggest planet in our Solar System?

Ans: Jupiter

  1.  Who is the first woman to go to space?

Ans: Valentina Tereshkova

  1. Identify the Historical monument

general knowledge questions for kids

 Ans: Charminar

  1. Name the tallest building in the world.

Ans: Burj Khalifa, UAE

  1. Who invented the Light Bulb?

Ans: Thomas Alva Edison

  1. In how many hours does earth complete one rotation?

Ans: 24 hours

  1. Who wrote the drama “Julius Caesar”?

Ans: William Shakespeare

  1. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?

Ans: Mount Everest

  1.  Who is known as the father of modern computers?

Ans: Charles Babbage

  1. Which part of the computer is its Brain?

Ans: CPU

  1. Name the longest river on earth.

Ans: Nile

  1. Name three vegetables that grow under soil.

Ans: Potato, Tapioca and Ginger

  1. What is the value of Pi?

Ans: 3.14

  1. Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?

Ans: Mandarin (Chinese)

  1.  Identify the scientist.

        gk quiz questions for kids

Ans: Albert Einstein

  1. How many days are there in a Leap Year?

Ans: 366 

  1. Name the Largest desert in the world.

Ans: Sahara Desert

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