Future Classroom ideas |Classrooms will Look in the Future

Education is changing and the classroom itself has changed a lot, for the good of course. Although we can gauge the future classroom ideas looking at the smart software being used, what actual shape the school of the future will take is still amorphous to us. Due to increasing use of technology and knowledge, the classroom is undergoing changes in the learning process. In such scenario, what does the future of learning hold? What will the future classrooms be like?

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Let’s try to find it out.

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1. To start with, seating arrangement of the classroom

Chairs and desks aligned properly and facing the blackboard will be a thing of the past. There will be room for more flexibility so that students can discuss in the group as per the tasks assigned. This will also add up to the comfort of the student.

In some cases, there will be a workshop for each student. Likewise, traditional blackboards will be replaced by projectors which will be interactive.

2. Student will be given the freedom to decide on the learning style

Talking about the current scenario, students are given assignments and tasks based on the chapter taught and each one has to complete the same within the stipulated time. This somehow hampers student creativity and is more of a routine than a learning process.

Future of the classroom holds multiple learning styles for students. Students will be given the freedom to learn things in the way they want. This includes learning through video lectures, noting down points or any such alternative. This practice will help students learn faster.

3. Online learning options will gain impetus

In a fast paced life, following traditional learning methods will take students nowhere. Likewise, there will be no age barrier for learning courses of your interest. This also means you can subscribe to some of the best learning tutorials online and learn all that you wish to.

Student progress will be gauged by his or her actual knowledge. They can explore various learning options online to gain the best out of them. Online recognized certificates will add to the fun and thrill of learning.

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4. Technology will change the face of education system

Decades later, you won’t find books in student’s bag. Instead, you will surely find a laptop or a tablet. With technology advancement, noting down important stuff, watch an online tutorial and giving assessment tests will be just a click away. This will give way to a creative learning practice and help students take down digital notes within seconds.

There are chances, physical classrooms might actually come to an end. Students will be virtually attending classes sitting at their homes. Thus, in this way, student interaction won’t be confined to the class students. Instead, they will be able to reach out to students situated in different areas and countries.

5. Each class will have a website or an online group of its own

All the important messages and announcement will be broadcast in the groups which can be accessed online. This will reduce dependency. Moreover, if you happen to miss out any lecture in the classroom, you might be able to catch it later using the digital version of classes.

Social media will gain importance as it will bring all the students on the same platform where all the information will be shared and discussions will be conducted. Digital bulletin boards will not let you miss out all the important information.

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Does this mean that the current learning methods are obsolete? Absolutely not. In the current phase of education, we can see how education has evolved during these past decades. This only means that future holds a more flexible and practical education system which will make the future students sharper and active.

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