Smartwatch Apps and Wearable Technology in Education

In recent times, education sector is one of those areas which have seen a good growth rate. We are not so far from the high-tech era where the classrooms will be filled with wearable technology as well as gadgets of the modern era. There is no doubt that these smartwatch apps and wearables will go a long way in bringing a revolution in the education sector. They are indeed useful in helping students get education in the best way possible. Moreover, it is highly different from the traditional studying habit which was followed few years back.

Coming to the present time, let us get to know more about these wearables and apps.

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1. Google glass and Reality Headsets

It is not always we get to see students paying full attention to the complete lecture. Some or the other point they will get missed. This is where Google glass comes handy.

Students can thus, record lectures and can replay later on numerous times to learn. This can be a remarkable tool while preparing for exams.

2. Duolingo

If you are someone who is into learning various languages, then Duolingo is the best for you. This is one of the famous apps made to learn popular languages on the go.

The app is made up of simple tasks which make the whole learning process very simple. Other than this, there are various games which nurture your knowledge for the particular language. The app is free and is available on Google Play Store.

3. Instapaper

Apple Watch is recently in the news for its versatility and is touted as one of the best wearables. Adding to it, the Instapaper on Apple Watch has reduced the burden of carrying bulky books to school and back. Now, all you have to do is to access as many articles as you want to use the Instapaper and convert them to speech simply by connecting to an iPhone. Your smartwatch has all the controls which help in listening the articles. Thus, modern day classroom is incomplete without this wearable.

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4. Muse

You must have heard of headbands used to listen music or watch videos. Talking about Muse, it is also a kind of headband, but is focused on determining the interest of the students on a certain topic. They behave like heart rate monitors and come with seven EEG sensors.

Muse helps teachers to determine the most effective way of teaching students based on their response. Other than this, it can also be utilized to judge the learning process and evaluate its progress from time to time.

5. Narrative Clip

Another wearable thing which can be worn to save yourself from all the distraction in the class. It is nothing but a small 8 MP camera with a video recorder, which optionally has Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

The best part about this Narrative Clip is that it is designed to capture images as well as videos throughout the day. This comes handy, especially when you go on field trips and class events. You can also record lessons or classroom activities to view them later.

6. Lumosity

Take hold of your smartwatch as you have a new app which will drastically improve your memory and sharpen your attention skills. Lumosity is a smartwatch app which helps you to learn a new language in a very simple way. There are various languages in the app. Every time you look at your smartwatch, a new word pops up for you to learn and widen your knowledge. It is one of the famous apps which challenges your brain and is used by millions of people around the world.

Thus, learning experience is touching new heights with smartwatch apps and wearables. Starting from kids to adults, it has a lot to offer you.

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