You need quality in anything you invest. Whether it’s the school for your child or the carpet for your house, quality speaks. Since KHDA has taken the responsibility of assuring the quality of private institutions and EYFS made it mandatory to encourage activities among children, tension of parents has reduced considerably.

Education is no longer limited to schools. There is a powerful resource that you can make use of – the Internet. Not just the age old broadband connection with your PC, but an always connected, the world at your fingertips kind of Internet with Smart phones.

From choosing life partner to booking tickets, all you need can be done through a smart phone. Education is also taken to the next level by mobile phones.

Why Mobile Phones?

Most of the parents consider mobile phones as hindrance in education. But truth is different. It’s easy to make the most out of mobile phones in education. The operation systems of mobile phones are purpose-built. All you need is the desire to learn.

How to Use Mobile Phones for Learning?

The use of smart phones is not limited to communication. Educating children is also possible on the go. Mobile phones have taken the concept of learning and the process of learning to the next level.

It cannot be ignored that the most important feature of smart phone is the availability of applications. There are numerous mobile applications waiting exclusively for you in the app stores of different mobile platforms.

Just like going to a shopping mall, you can evaluate and buy applications of your desire.

Advantages That Comes With Applications:

According to a recent survey it is revealed that apps are widely popular among kids in the 5-10 age groups. Parents and junior teachers are encouraged to start using learning apps across the world. Surprisingly the availability of applications for children is expanding. The many reasons for this include:

  • Apps are interactive
  • Apps help to prepare children for the future
  • Tracking your child’s progress is simple
  • Its fun stuffed learning
  • Effective use of leisure time
  • Learning by sharing
  • Learning is no more a burden
  • Systematic learning

Easily Reachable Quality Education:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Can’t afford the best school for your child? Why worry, we have the solution.  With smart phone, you can gift a better learning environment for your kids.

Some Added Advantages of Mobile Phones:

Listed below are some of the added advantages of mobile phones. Scroll down, think, and gift a smart phone for your kid today!


It’s the low cost strategy that makes mobile phones attractive. Within your budget comes a smart phone with multi-purpose usage. Even low cost smart phones can download applications.


Mobile phones are small and easy to carry. Anywhere you want to use them, they are available at your service. No need to wait when you feel like learning.

Security, round the clock:

Contacting any person during emergency situations become possible with mobile phones. If they fail to pick up the call, messaging service ensures that the important message is delivered to that person.

Be in touch:

It’s easy to be in touch even with people outside your nation. Growing business network and connecting with social circle is easy beyond what you think.

Internet access:

Imagining life without internet is almost impossible for today’s average person. It is one among the blessings received by mankind. Social networking becomes possible with mobile phones. Enjoy social media on the go with smart phones.

Gift the best to your kids:

Perception is what makes a deed good or bad. Likewise, mobile phones can be used for betterment also. Let your child experience the next level of learning with the best mobile applications. Indeed, mobile phones can make significant contributions to education. The EYFS syllabus is proof of that.

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