A student favourite among the teachers, Radhika was a passionate individual concerned about her students and helped them in every possible way. Her efforts helped numerous students win a lot of prizes for the institution.

One day, a colleague asked her why she is being so passionate, as she doesn’t get recognition of any sort for her efforts. This affected her overall performance. The activity club which she started to boost students’ talents gradually became inactive. Like other teachers, she began to concentrate only on taking lessons.

Over a period of time,

The school management began to realize the importance of Radhika. They started to lose a number of inter-school events conducted. It affected the good will of the institution. Only if there had been a system which could monitor the productivity of the teachers, Radhika could have been recognized. The institution could have held their head up in pride.

A dedicated teacher does a lot of things to her students, more than what her work demands. She will be the guardian angel for her students and will be the answer to a lot of problems. Her sincerity gets reflected in the way she works for her organization. But what if her hard work goes unnoticed? The passion to work dries up.

The situation could be entirely different,

If there was a system that could genuinely track the productivity report of the teacher. It is a usual occurrence that the management hardly recognizes the contribution of an employee on a daily basis. The Workforce Management Software is a solution for this.

This software for educational institutions comes with a lot of features that makes things easy. Tracking the productivity and other activities along with easy access to the concerned authority makes it special and significant.

Each and every teacher and staff members get a unique profile and a user ID along with a confidential password to login, through which they can punch attendance, apply for leave and get detailed report of their salary.

1.User friendly

The Workforce Management Software has a user-friendly interface. Anyone with a simple understanding of the Internet can operate software requirement effectively.

  • Easy access to both the teachers and other staff but only the admin can manage the productivity report , leaves and payroll etc.
  • Manual work requires 1 minute while with the help of the software only 10 seconds would be required. Isn’t it smart?

2.Unique profiling

The personal and official details of the employees can be stored in the Workforce Management Software

  • These details are kept confidential; Workforce Management Software removes the uncertainty that comes with sending private employee information to a third party.


Evaluation of the productivity of a teacher must be done keeping in mind their performance. Manual entering is error prone whereas the Workforce Management Software allows the teachers and other staff members to enter their daily productivity report based on the projects they are assigned, on a daily basis to the timesheet it is equipped with.

The principal or the department, whoever is charged with the responsibility can assign different projects to teachers and other staff members. The time used for each projects could be entered by the teachers and staff members. The time used for each activity could be entered in rows

Special feature called My Diary shows how the day of different employees has been spent.


The software allows two options to mark the attendance; either they can punch in to the biometric system or login through the Workforce Management account to login. When the work ends in the evening, any of the methods could be used to log out as well. If a person misses punch for a day, the associated e-mail id will receive the notification without fail.

  • Every Monday, past week’s attendance is notified to the person without fail.
  • Attendance history can be viewed on monthly basis as well.

The punch details shown will include

  • Date
  • The accurate punch in & punch out time
  • The duration in hours and minutes of punch in and punch out time.
  • Status ( whether present, absent or day off)


The Workforce Management Software comes with the facility to manage leaves. Leave application could be managed through web portal.

The leave application include the following details:

  • The leave applied date
  • Details of the employee
  • Type of leave applied for
    ( whether Casual Leave, Medical Leave, Earned Leave or Loss of Pay )
  • Number of days leave applied for
  • Reason for leave

Contact number along with contact address while on leave.


The accurate calculation of the salary of employees is a major task. Manual calculation, taking into consideration the hours worked, number of leaves applied and other factors, is error prone. The Workforce Management Software does the payroll function far more accurately.

  • Salary details can be reviewed by the employees logging in to their account and it can be done on a monthly basis.
  • Using manual payroll method, a payroll manager would spend 155 days each year on payrolls while, using the Workforce Management Software, a payroll manager would spend 2 days each year on payrolls , saving 13.5 days or 95 working hours.


  • Time saver
  • Cost controlling
  • Tax updating
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Better management
  • Employee Calendars
  • Evaluating Performance

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