“Creativity is sharpening your imaginative powers in a more appealing way”


School apps nowadays enhance school to parent communication by providing timely and clear information to both the parties. In addition to enhancing the communication between schools and parents, school apps facilitate the use of parent portal and school workforce management. However, a lot of school apps are designed to enhance the creativity of students. Let’s see how school apps foster creativity in students.

A Handful of Ideas

You may have heard about the brainstorming technique which is used to generate ideas freely without any constraints. A brainstorming session allows people to suggest ideas without any restriction. It paves way for nurturing creativity and producing more fruitful results. More recently, ‘Electronic brainstorming’ lets users to collaborate with others through a safe backchannel. So, if students really want to develop and prepare themselves before entering a real brainstorming session, they can use school mobile apps to generate ideas in a creative manner.

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Drawing Creatively

Painting a castle in the background, creating photos with smileys, hearts and comments or doodling your way for generating amusing ideas needs to remain flexible, fluent and fast. A drawing app can help students save their time in creating the most beautiful art of their imagination. It not only helps them to resize, crop, reassemble, layer or combine various images into a collaboration of visual concepts but allow them to talk over their designs and ideas with other people thereby enhancing their creativity.

Ask Questions

Creativity, according to Paul Torrance is detecting gaps or problems in information. Ideas are formed, tested or modified before communicating the results. So while creating something, problems occur and they should be addressed in a flexible manner. Students can use Mind-mapping apps that encourage them to unlock the underlying problems while working with a particular image. These apps help students to write an inquiry question thereby getting closer to the central issue. Framing questions and redefining problems is the key to innovation!

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Recording Thoughts!

Walking, driving , playing or day-dreaming… We may be doing diverse things in a day but one thing that keep us from getting engaged all the time is our ‘Thoughts’ and nothing else! Thoughts which are capable of directly or indirectly allowing our minds to wander through trivial things, subtly shape our ideas in a novel way.

But can our thoughts be recorded?

There are apps that can record our thought flow and combine text with features such as photography, voice recording, sketching etc. Students can use these apps to document their thought process in order to explore trends between ideas.

Telling a Story

Original myths, stories or word problem books! Students can now use apps to create and publish stories and share it with others. They can even export it to other apps and stay professional. These apps actually encourage students to develop their creative skills and allow them to create multimedia publications using audio and other media.

Creating Movies

Let students create their own movies adding lenses and effects! Video creation apps allow students to create media projects in an interesting way.
With a good project idea, students can make a 60 second movie of an experience or event. The creation of educational movies actually helps students to engage in learning activities with fun and frolic!

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