GPS vehicle tracking technology has become popular in a short span of time. It tracks the location and position of vehicles. Commonly, a GPS vehicle tracking system will have a tracking device inside the vehicle along with software and a server which allows the user to track the vehicle from the headquarters. GPS vehicle tracking system is usually used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, on-board information, dispatching and security. This system allows you to effectively manage your business, improvise the services and also to reduce the cost. There are 10 reasons you should invest in GPS Vehicle tracking system:

1.Reduce fuel costs

Fuel cost is one of the highest cost that affect businesses. GPS vehicle tracking systems help you to reduce fuel consumption by tracking over speed, excessive engine idling time, monitoring the routes taken by drivers to reach the destination, proper periodic maintenance and dispatching. Monitoring the routes via GPS system can also ensure that drivers are not using company vehicle for non-authorised trips and thus can reduce the fuel cost more efficiently. By installing a GPS system, it is possible to save as much as 15-18% on fuel costs.

2.Student tracking

GPS vehicle tracking system can also be used as student tracking systems. RFID student tracking systems provided by companies such as Edsys enables both the school/college authorities and parents to track the location of their students. It is used to enhance the safety of students while they are travelling. School bus tracking provides the real time travel status of the students who are availing the school bus facility. Management Information System (MIS) reports also helps in monitoring and enhancing the travel operations of schools/colleges.

3.Visibility of fleet

GPS vehicle tracking system provides you real time locations of your vehicles and drivers. Vehicle tracking systems’ mapping feature allows you to zoom the street levels. Satellite, street mapping and birds eye views enables you to accurately locate the vehicle and take action on any customer complaints or queries.

4.Increase in productivity

GPS vehicle tracking system helps you to increase productivity. As drivers and employees are aware that their activities are being monitored, they tend to be more alert. The feedback provided by the tracking system enables the managers to make plans to increase the company’s and driver’s productivity. Tracking systems help to reduce the phone bills as there is no need to always call drivers to know their location.

5.Theft prevention

Fleet companies prefer GPS systems in their vehicle due to this facility. As tracking systems provide continuous location updates of the vehicle, it is very easy to find out the lost vehicle’s location. This allows police to quickly find the car, arrest the thief and return your vehicle.

6.Improvement in driving behaviour

Real time monitoring allows you to measure sudden acceleration, harsh breaking, cornering, break times and route control and thus driver’s performance can be improved.

7. Better driver safety

Using tracking system, fleet managers can monitor their vehicles 24/7 and increase the safety of their drivers. Alerts can be set for sudden breaking, over speeding, harsh driving and it will inform the fleet managers when an employee drives carelessly. Managers can react to these situations and can prevent accidents from occurring. The tracking system also provides the drivers with means to raise an alert if they find themselves in any danger.

8.Better customer service

GPS vehicle tracking system can help fleet companies to improve their customer service. For example: Office staff can inform customers about the nearest cab location if their vehicle has been delayed on the way. Also, they can respond to customer queries effectively. As the employees present in the office have the facility to see real time location of their vehicles, they are able to identify quickly which vehicle will be best suited to attend a customer. They are also able to provide immediate answer and better service to the customers.

9. Manage and motivate drivers

Tracking systems can also be used as motivation tools to increase the productivity and performance of drivers. Drivers who perform well in all areas will receive recognition for their good performance and hard work. Those who under perform will receive feedback on how to improve their performance.

10. Reducing paper work

GPS vehicle tracking system helps to reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers have to fill out. As the tracking system provides detailed information on the whereabouts of the vehicle, drivers need not enter it on records. This system helps to increase the accuracy of records.

These are 10 reasons why you need to invest in a GPS vehicle tracking system. There numerous benefits that the tracking system can bring to your business. Any company that uses vehicles for their business can benefit from a GPS vehicle tracking system. It is a worthwhile investment as it helps to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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