If you think the only application of GPS apps are the ones that offer basic driving directions and similar uses, think again. For example, application of real time GPS in school bus tracking and parent portal drives operational efficiencies and allows parents to track personalized information about their children. GPS technology is now in everything from cell phones to shipping containers, boosting productivity across a wide swath of economy including construction, mining, farming, etc. Now, let’s have a look at some GPS applications which will surprise you.

Tractors plow the field

We often buy nuts, berries, vegetables, fruits etc from the grocery shops frequently, but we usually never think about the difficulties farmers face in growing these crops. Driving a tractor is a complex operation unlike driving a car. It’s a tiresome job where you need to watch your gauges and tires, listen to the engine etc. But GPS enabled self-steering tractors make it easy for farmers to plow the field in ideal rows, day or night all by itself. Using satellite signals for guidance the tractor could assist farmers in easing the monotony of endless plowing. It’s such a wonderful thing to help farmers boost efficiency.

Wildlife/pet tracking

Many of us use GPS to track and find our friends or family, prevent getting lost and reach our final destination when on a journey. The effectiveness of parent portal and school bus tracking devices, for instance compel parents to rely more on GPS tracking technology nowadays. For them, it’s replaced maps as the simplest way to navigate, but it is not just helpful for mapping and tracking – GPS is now being used to understand the movement and behavior of different groups of animals.

  • A radio receiver is placed on an animal to pick up signals from special satellites.
  • The receiver calculates the location and movement of the animal and sent the data to another set of satellites which then sends the data to the people.

So if you have ever wondered why your pet cat often sneaks into your neighbor’s home or why sheep move to the center of a flock when threatened by a predator or why cattle often graze in a particular manner in their local area, you can now find all the details regarding these using this technology.

Catching criminals

We often hear stories of policemen who encounter dangerous situations while chasing culprits who escape in cars after committing severe offenses. However, with GPS Tracking bullets, police can put a stop to high-speed car chases. GPS tracking bullets increase the likelihood of catching the culprit who is fleeing in a vehicle as well as stop potentially deadly vehicle accidents.

How it works?

GPS tracker in bullets is attached to vehicles so that the speed and location of the vehicle can be monitored from a remote location. Police use a real-time map of the vehicle to track it and chase the vehicle using the GPS location data. They wait patiently to see where the trail takes them, thereby avoiding dangerous high-speed chases and increasing the possibility of catching the criminals once they slow down the vehicle.

It’s a high-tech solution to hamper an old-fashioned escape.

Tracking football players’ performance

There are several football players who even after putting their best efforts encounter disappointments and fail to correct their mistakes while playing the game. There are situations where the coach tries to monitor the performance of the player accurately but in vain. Well, no more chaos. It’s now easier than ever to track and monitor the performance of football players using GPS tracking technology.


  • Provides an enormous amount of information, including the speed, distance and dynamics of a player during a game.
  • Helps coaches in monitoring the players, thereby helping them to take relevant measures to build up the overall performance of the team.
  • Reflects a great percentage of the competitiveness of football players on the field.

Preventing vehicle theft

Your vehicle is precious to you. That goes without saying – its your hard earned money. Whether it’s the vehicle itself or the valuables within it, your vehicle is as much an aim for thieves as it ever was. Statistics show that nearly 36,000 vehicles, which amount to Rs.115 crore, are stolen in India every year. This means that your vehicle and its contents are not as safe as you might think. So how do you keep your vehicle from getting stolen? By employing GPS tracking devices! It can prevent attempts at theft.

GPS tracking devices will alert you the minute your vehicle is stolen and you can track it in real time on a map, with your phone or computer .You can track every movement of your vehicle, its speed, location and the history of the vehicle traveled so far at any point of time. It can share data about the journey, as well as alert dear ones in case of a crash. So no more worries! Protect your vehicle, and increase your chances of recovering your vehicle if it is stolen.

Safe hiking

Hiking is a healthy, affordable and fun activity that is open to anyone. We all can get the most out of a hiking trip and it can be one vacation that we remember years down the road and tell our friends about. However, hikes can turn out to be dangerous. Even though you are an experienced hiker, sometimes you might get lost in the wild, whether it’s getting left behind, wandering away from camp, getting injured or trapped etc. In that case, the only perfect way to let others know where you are is through GPS tracking!

There are many GPS Tracking devices that come with long battery life and other related features necessary for a hiking trip. It helps you by showing where you are and finding a way out and broadcasts live signals to other people so that they can find you. So, before your next hiking or camping trip, ensure that you are equipped with a GPS tracker and make your hiking a whole lot safer!

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