“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”-Henry Adams

The measure of success of a teacher is the way in which he/she is remembered and cherished in the minds of their students. A great teacher inspires students at every path of their life. To be successful, a teacher must have:

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  1. An attractive personality, enthusiasm and care: A teacher should have an attractive personality and teaching style to grab the attention of students. They must make their classes enthusiastic with their teaching style and should have a caring heart towards their students. Teachers must be approachable and friendly to their students so that students can clear their doubts with the teachers at any time. A pleasing smile on the teacher’s face gives a positive energy to their students.
  2. Respect for their profession and students: The teachers should have a feeling that they are doing a great job by educating the new generation. They must respect their students and always value the students’ opinions in the class. Then, the students will feel free to express their ideas and gradually, they will learn to respect and listen to others.
  3. Clear aims and objectives of lessons: A good teacher should have a proper aim behind every word he or she uses in the class. They must have a clear objective of each lesson and work hard to meet those objectives. The mutual respect in the classroom will create a supportive environment and create a sense of belongingness in the class.
  4. Good leadership traits: The teacher must be skilled leader to maintain discipline in the classroom and to take every group activities under control. The class is a team that works together so the teacher has to play the role of a leader to control it and to give opportunities for everyone.
  5. Good classroom management skills: A great teacher should have good classroom management skills and should be able to ensure good student behavior, effective study hours and work habits of all kind. They should also be able to manage the time schedule for the class. The teacher should regularly check the attendance and library accounts with the help of Smart Cards.
  6. Knowledge about the curriculum: the teacher should have a thorough knowledge about the curriculum and should work according to that. The teacher can use his own creative ideas in teaching but should not go out of the curriculum and the other expected standards.
  7. Mastery over the subject: Primarily, a teacher is supposed to teach a particular subject and therefore, must be well-versed with their subject. They must be able to face any question that the students may ask. A good understanding of the subject will help make the teacher’s class more interesting.
  8. Passion for teaching: ‘Teaching is not a profession, but a passion.’ Unless the teacher doesn’t have a passion for teaching, he or she cannot be a good teacher. Enlightening the young generation is not an ordinary task. Only a passionate teacher can influence the students.
  9. Communication with the parents: Being in touch with the parents will help the teachers to know their students better. Moreover, the parent will also have an interest in the activities at the school and that is good for the total development. Teachers should update the information about the students in the Parent Portal.
  10. A passion for learning and self development: Teacher must constantly improve their teaching skills by learning and attending refreshment courses. They should update their knowledge by constant reading and using Internet. A good teacher shouldn’t have any fear of learning new strategies or using new technology for teaching. Technology can be used by teachers for maintaining discipline and standard of the institution.

Teachers play a wonderful role in our life after our parents.

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

-Alexander the Great

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