We send our children to schools to educate them and for their personality development. Education is an enlightening experience. So, we expect the overall development of our child from school. Now schools are also competing to be at the top. There are government bodies like KHDA and ADEC which evaluate the overall performance of schools in Emirates. The prestige of schools is not only in academic results, so they try to give maximum for the overall development of the students.

1. School as a small community

A school has students from all levels of the society and from different cultural backgrounds. But inside the school premises, they are all alike and they form a community of their own, which is beyond all these social, cultural or economic disparities. A school teaches the students to:

2. Be a part of the society

Being a part of a society is not an easy thing; it needs great coherence and adjustment. Since there are so many students in a class, one cannot take decisions of his choice in matters regarding the class. He needs to consult with others because it affects everyone in the class.

3. Learn new things

Friends have a major role in molding our personality in both ways; positively and negatively. Good company teaches us so many good things that will be useful to us throughout our life. In the same way bad company can spoil our entire future. Children will observe and learn so many new things from their classmates.

4. Obey rules

Obedience is not cowardice. Not only in schools, but in any organization we have to obey the rules. In a school it is much easier to obey because the rules are not imposed; but they are made part of a routine.

5. Practice a routine systematically

The school routines are established from the very beginning itself. So the students practice it without any hesitation. They love following routines at that small age because then they are not bothered about time. Once they are used to it, they will follow it to the end. It includes so many good qualities like wishing the elders and saying the prayers etc.

6. Be bold

Schools enable them to face the audience boldly. The seminar or project presentations in the classroom will enable each student to face an audience and speak boldly. It increases their self confidence and enables them to face bigger gatherings in the future.

7. Be patient

Once we are part of a system, we have to follow its schedule. A student cannot go out of the class whenever they wish. They have to wait for the bell. It will increase their patience and it is a part of good discipline.

8. Listen to others

In a classroom, there will be a teacher and many students. A particular student should not opine on all issues every time. They have to listen to others as well. They have to value others’ opinions sometimes. Sometimes, they may have to compromise their opinion for the sake of the whole class. They have to wait for the others to wind up for their turn to talk.

9. Be good leaders

The classroom activities and tasks may need leaders and all the students will get a chance to be a leader at least once during an academic year. Those who really have that leadership trait in them will emerge as good leaders.

10. Work as a team

In schools, there will be programs like art festival, annual sports competitions etc. Then, the students will be divided into so many teams and they will work together for the success of their team. It will be a great experience for them. They will learn a lot by working as a team.

Each day, students attend to the school and learn something new, which cannot be assessed with an examination but will be useful for them in some way or the other.

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