At a Glance

Technology has made appreciable impacts on all fields.  There are several revolutions and advancements developing in the education system.

Due to the advent of educational software, the teaching- learning process has been enhanced in terms of collaborative and systematic capacities. As we come across the apps available for this niche, there are a lot of products with varying specifications and purposes.

 “Edsys for Education” stands out from that crowd in a few ways.

First of all, it is a collection of top-notch educational solutions beneficial for educators. On the other hand, apps such as Byju’s provide a plethora of educational resources for students.

Though both are useful in their own ways, they are both different. Let’s see what makes “Edsys for Education “unique from other e-learning apps such as Byju’s.

A Random look through to the Features of Both;

No: Features Edsys for Education Byju’s
1 Student life cycle management
2 Educational resources
3 Online/ offline classes
4 Assessment Management
5 Attendance
6 Smart card solutions
7 School fee management
8 Assignment and Project Management
9 Subscriptions charges PAID PAID
10 Validity Lifelong Pay and Use

So What makes “Edsys for Education” unique?

It is understandable that Edsys for Education provides innumerable beneficial features for students and teachers alike.

While Byju’s provide a handful of educational resources and online classes for students; it lacks many other essential features.

So along with study materials, schools need “something more” to perform smartly!!!

Edsys for Education offers “Content Publishing Module”

Edsys for Education includes an exclusive feature, ‘Content Publishing Module’, where teachers can publish their own content, share question papers, booklets etc, thereby getting recognized for their expertise.

As teachers interact with students on a daily basis and are subject matter experts they can contribute more to content than others can. This module emphasizes to acknowledge teachers and seeks a way to pass the benefits to the first level that forms the core group of the education industry.

In fact, there are 1.6 million schools in India, having varying curriculum and different languages of communication, as Byju’s content approach is ‘one size-fit all ‘concept and it lacks the involvement of teachers on ground, contents cannot be useful to everyone alike.

How Teachers get involved in “Content Publishing Module”?

Not all students can digest the same type of content and study materials, so using this module; teachers can create and publish educational content as required to meet the requirements of students.

So, in a way, it gives exposure to teachers. Teachers can really do magic, they have got immense skills to groom students with their unique techniques.

They have got rich teaching experiences and ample knowledge with them.

Indeed, the world should stand up together and acknowledge teachers for what they have been doing all these years. 

This “Content Publishing Module” can really take learning to ‘NEXT LEVEL’. It is a collaborative platform with mutual benefits for teachers and students alike. All the published content reaches out to all students and can be used to impart knowledge.

Whereas in Bjyu’s, content is created by their content team, thereby lacks an opportunity for teachers to showcase their potential.

Thus, “Content Publishing Module” is designed by keeping teachers in forefront, a platform for teachers to exhibit their mastery and provides them monetarily benefits.

And this software possesses a set of amazing educational solutions essential for an educational institution.

One of the other striking aspects is- Byju’s subscription rate is comparatively high, depriving benefits of the app to some parents. And also, free trial is for the first 15 days, whereas Edsys for Education is free of cost.

How “Content Publishing Module” can contribute further in future?

As we all know, billions of dollars are invested to tap education market and a substantial amount goes in marketing.

This can be considered as an under estimation of teachers capabilities, as there are many respected and highly talented teachers whose efforts goes unnoticed only because they lack a platform to showcase their skills.

Education should come to a halt where marketing is no more needed, it is not a thing to be marketed; it needs empowerment and certain aspects like technology for ease of access to learning resources, ease of communication , non partial assessment , transparency , safety and security, reduce manual efforts and eliminate human error.

We should be able to identify talent from every corner and to give equal education for all. This process needs to be monitored at school level, at zone level (schools roll up to a zone), and at district level (many zones will roll up to districts).

Teachers should be given supreme authority in the field of education, and they are really in need of a platform to grow.

How are educators benefitted from Edsys for Education?

Byju’s Educational resources are very much useful for students and teachers, though it is not the only thing needed for an institution to run smoothly.

So, let us know what Edsys for Education can offer more to its users.

Features like assignment and assessment management system imparts a quality educational impression for students and teachers alike. They can do tasks in a synchronized way.

Student life cycle management aids to keep a track of student details from registration to alumni. This unified processed data can be referred whenever needed.

School fee management helps parents to pay their kid’s fee right from their seats and can worry no more about standing in long queues to pay school fee during their hustle-bustle schedules. 

Time table module untangles the challenging task of teachers at the beginning of every academic year to lay down an efficient time table for all classes.

Apart from these, command center, smart card solutions, e-learning modules are available to enhance learning and teaching processes.

To Sum up

In this hectic world, parents and teachers wish to choose systems which can light up their lives in the simple but magnificent ways. So it is always an advantage to pick up appropriate software packed with all essential features in the right way.

Although you have a lot of options in front of you, be clever to choose the one with sound features.