Ways To Use Wearable Technology In Education

As we look around, we find technology being used to its full extend to each of the domain of society. Likewise, the education sector is not different. This calls for wearable technology which is in trend these days due to feasibility and convenience. It is slowly showing its importance and is one of the essential needs these days. 

Ranging from laptops and smartphones to iPods and watches, wearable technology is leaving it footprints in our lives, time and again. It has surely left a positive impact in education domain, as there are list of wearable technologies to ponder over which can be used extensively in schools and colleges.

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1. Help students get acquainted with the technology

If students own recording gadgets then they can make the best use of it by recording important lectures and then listening them time and again, when required. Moreover it can be helpful for your friends who happen to miss lectures.
Other than this, it can be readily used as calculator to do some quick maths. This drastically reduces a lot of time and helps students as well as teachers to learn in an innovative manner.

2. Wearable glasses and similar gadgets can add to the creativity of learning process

Glasses can be of utmost importance if you want your students to learn as well as enjoy the process. Students can record sessions and other classroom activities.

While on a field trip, glasses can be converted into a video camera to capture stills and learning activities. Moreover, the presentations can be saved for clear viewing and learning purposes. Installing  with GPS can help teacher to keep a watch on student activities.

3. Tablets and laptops take wearable technology to yet another level

If a student plans to create some visually powerful presentation, then he/she can take help of laptops and install high end software to achieve a good level of perfection. Later on it can be modified and presented with various effects.

Tablets, or mini-laptops as they say, are indeed a bliss as they are portable and can be carried to places without hassles. You can install unlimited apps related to education and help students learn in an interesting manner. For instance, teachers can install app which help them to update information from time to time, and can be passed on to students quickly.

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4. E-classes and remote tutoring help students learn without much chaos

Well if your student is sick enough not to attend school, then there are good alternatives for the student to learn. You can conduct remote classes for such students so that they do not miss the important information about the subject.
Likewise, people who cannot come to the classrooms due to disabilities can anytime attend remote classes and participate actively in remote group studies to make up for the loss.

5. Wearable technology has also given us face recognition software

Nowadays, advanced teaching schools are taking help of face recognition to mark attendance of students. This cuts on a lot of time and makes it easier for the staff to manage attendance without keeping any records as such on paper.
This save teachers from mundane job of marking attendance each time before starting a new session in the class.

Wearable technology has now reached each nook and corner of the education system. There are multiple ways of using it in educational domain. It has a vast scope and huge potential to change the way we learn and think. Moreover, it has helped students and teachers to change their perception of studying and acquiring knowledge.

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