“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”-Malcolm X

What we learn today is to be put to use tomorrow. But it’s not easy to face the competition in future just using bookish knowledge. Technology had stepped into the field of education long ago. Books have been replaced with gadgets and lessons with apps such as smartapps for preschoolers that are in the form of games or activities to instil interest in students.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”-Margaret Mead

Unlike traditional learning which provides limited knowledge to students that is just confined to the textbooks, technology involved learning provides a much wider platform for them to explore every subject in depth. With the blending of technology with education, students are given the opportunity to make independent choices, to think and to face challenges.

Changing trends…

Technology evolves with time and schools are supposed to be updated about the changes made and introduce students to the same.

The current trends in technology involved learning are:

SMS/texting in classroom

About a decade ago, schools had prohibited students from bringing mobile phones or any other gadgets of the sort. But now, schools use text messaging as a tool to connect with students as a part of e-learning. It involves SMS quizzes, surveys and texting of questions to students before teaching a chapter in class. Text messaging can also used to remind students to bring a study material or to do homework and to connect with a generally shy student.

Use of apps for parent-teacher communication

Before, parent-teacher communication meant the parent-teacher meetings that were held post examinations in schools. Many parents tend to miss the meeting due to their work or other reasons. For such parents, the apps for parent-teacher communication, such as the ParentApp are a blessing. ParentApp provides the opportunity to parents and teachers to interact with each other whenever they have time. Also, parents are provided with reports regarding their child’s performance in school and the latest happenings in the child’s school.

Social media in classroom

You usually use a social media network to connect with your friends and family. But some schools have come up with the idea of using social media platforms such as twitter to connect with students and to hold discussions about a particular topic.

Free online courses

You want to learn two courses or more at the same time? If it was before, you had to wait for one course to be completed before you start another. But online courses have made it easier for you to learn whatever you want. The classes will be held in the form of webinars and study material will be in the form of e-books.

3D printing

Visual learning is always more effective than theory. Students tend to learn faster and understand a subject completely using 3D printing. All you have to do is print 3d models of all complex structures and use them to teach students.

The future trends in technology involved learning will be:

Digital textbooks

The field of education is all set to undergo a tremendous change by going paperless. Students won’t be carrying around textbook but a tablet or a gadget of the sort with digitalized versions of textbooks stored in them. This move can help the schools save huge amounts of money.

Time management tools and communication software

In future, students may not have to attend school on a regular basis. They will be able to sit at home and connect with teachers via communication software to attend classes. There are various time management tools available in the market so that educators can ensure that students are completing their assigned tasks on time.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At present, Employees in many offices rely on their own devices such as laptops, tablets etc. to work rather than using company owned systems. He “Bring Your Own device” practice has shown to increase productivity among employees and saved the companies lots of money in terms of products and computers. This trend is soon going to hit educational institutions as well.

Cloud-based apps

Cloud computing is getting popular these days and very soon, you will see it entering the world of educations. Many cloud based tools are going to be used where sharing of information will get easier.

Open textbooks

Open textbooks are gaining popularity in schools around the globe. They are digitalized textbooks in print, e-book or audio format that can be downloaded, improvised and shared by students, teachers and parents.

The trends in educational field are quick and happening. Hopefully, the upcoming trends will change the face of education sector by providing wider platforms for students by letting them think deeper about subjects and preparing to face various challenges.

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