Special Education Needs for Children [EYFS]

Education is really crucial for the healthy mental development of children. To help achieve the best through education, EYFS syllabus is enabled in many schools.

But some children are left behind without any special reason. Most parents take the reason as laziness or negligence towards studies. But the fact is that, the child must be having some really serious learning disability.

Plenty of helps and advices arrive if education is difficult for your children. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has got special guidance for teachers to identify children with special needs. Most parents are even unaware about special needs education.

If your child has more difficulties than most children of their age with their schoolwork, communication or behaviour, plenty of help and advice is at hand from specialists, teachers and voluntary organisations. No need to panic.

What does the term 'special educational needs' really mean?

It’s hard for children with learning disabilities to learn the same way as other children of their age. Hence they need special assistance during education. With the help of specialists, help will be provided to them.

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Overview about the Needs

They need extra help in special areas like:

  • School Home Work
  • Reading and Writing
  • Understanding information
  • Expressing themselves
  • Making Friends
  • Properly Behaving
  • Organising

Approach to Special Educational Needs

Take a step by step approach if your child requires special education needs. The way children learns are different so are their needs.

Schools can make great contributions:

  1. Different way of teaching
  2. Extra help from adult
  3. Use of technology to make child engaged

Basic Principles for parents:

  1. If your child requires special need, talk to the teacher and make necessary arrangements to meet their broad, well-balanced and relevant education.
  2. Listen to the wishes of your child
  3. Don’t be an observer, indulge your child’s education

Getting Help is Important

Your child’s early years are crucial for their emotional, intellectual, social and physical development. Support can take a lot of forms, which includes:

  • Support from doctors, educational psychologists, and speech or language therapists.  Visits from these specialists can help in providing advice information.
  • Promoting play, communication and language development with the special training of parents.
  • Make it a point to spend more time with your children. Routine check up with doctor is important.

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Always remember

To maintain a positive attitude: Positive attitude to any problem can create wonders. It’s a genuinely valuable tool.

Avoid Pity: Showing pity for your children is no less than disabling them. Don’t encourage pity.

You Are Not Alone: Parents might feel isolated after the diagnosis of the problem but that’s not the reality. There are many others fighting the same battle.

Find Assistance: Finding assistance for your problems helps you to deal with it better. Even if you belong to an isolated region, you can still find help.

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