Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things” Byron Dorgan

Smart work is always way better than hard work. The best is to work in such a way that, the work gets finished in time without much labor yet delivers fruitful results.

Have you ever wondered, how a school is managed?

The overall managing of a school is not as easy as it appears. From classrooms to staff room, there are numerous responsibilities that must be met in time without fail. These are time bound responsibilities need special care and dedication. What if the management system can be made crystal clear without the possibility of error and saving time? WorkForce Management software is known for its multitasking performance and reliability.

WorkForce management Software for educational institutions is equipped with a lot of facilities. Track the productivity record without fail and that too easily. The manual entering method is prone to a lot of errors, whereas depending on software can make managing easier. Know the best teacher, appreciate her efforts and encourage more teachers to do the same through WorkForce Management Software.

Each teacher and staff members are provided with a unique profile and user ID along with a confidential password to login. They can login to their account with the password provided and can punch attendance, apply for leave and get detailed report of their salary, a lot of function in a single package.

  • Attendance: There are two options to mark attendance, either through login in the workforce management account or punch in to the biometric system. It should be done before entering the work and before leaving the office. If punch is missed the concerned people will be notified through mail. The punch details will show date, accurate punch in and punch out timing, duration in hours and minute of punch in and out as well as status( present, absent or day off). Past weeks’ attendance is notified to the person every Monday without fail. Monthly basis attendance history can also be viewed.
  • Leaves: Managing leaves becomes easy with workforce management software. Employees can apply for leaves online, citing the reason for leave. The details include number of days applied for leave and type of leave applied. The date on which leave is applied along with the contact details of the employee is available. Workforce management software shows the remaining leaves available. The status of the leave applied can also be derived through the software. The school principal or department head can approve or disapprove the leave. 
  • Payroll: Calculate the salary of employees with utmost accuracy. Taking into   consideration factors such as working hours, number of leave applied and other factors, the workforce management software offers accurate service and satisfaction.  According to calculations, 155 days can be spend on manual payroll calculation while payroll manager would spend 2 days each year on payrolls. Saving a lot of time is possible by the use of workforce management software.

A lot of possibilities in a single package

Workforce management software is user friendly. Simple understanding of the Internet is the only necessary factor in managing the software. Both the teachers and the staff members are allowed to have unique profiles, which helps to sustain the privacy. The details are maintained confidential; the uncertainty that comes with sharing the information of your staff to a third person is completely eliminated.

Preparing timetables for classes is a tedious job which requires a lot of time. But it would still be prone to errors.  Workforcemanagement software can help in that aspect as well.

Productivity time of various projects assigned to teachers as well as staff members can be viewed through Workforce management software. Working hours are perfectly calculated without fail. Performance evaluation is made simpler and easier.

School management as a whole is made easy. Time is saved with less cost. Reducing paper work which is prone to error is another added advantage of Workforce management software. Less confusion and more reliability is what Workforce software management is all about. The teachers and staff are fond of the privacy provided by the software. Future of workforce management software is immense and promising. More and more schools are employing Workforce management software due the reliability and efficiency.

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