How Smart Cards can Help You (video)

Let’s look at the following situations:

  • Child losing money sent with him to buy food, stationary or to pay fees
  • Children having to remember and carry all kinds of cards including bus pass, library card etc.

You may get angry at your child for some time for losing the money/card or may be punish them. But does that form a permanent solution? Definitely No!

Smartcard solutions by Edsys are tailor-made to avoid such situations. From tracking students to fee payment, purchasing from canteens to book store and library management, smart cards makes student life a lot easier.

Check out the video to know more about the working of Smart card solutions by Edsys.


Here’s a list of situations where smart cards come handy from both students and parents:

1. You don’t know what your child is doing in school and would like to know his/her whereabouts as soon as they step out of home or your child has complained of overspending and you want to report it at school, but where do you get the driver information from?

Smart cards! They help you keep track of your child right from the time he/she enters the school bus and the also all details regarding the student, parents, school bus and its driver.

2. Your child has the habit of losing money that you give him/her to purchase food from the school canteen or purchase stationary items from the school book store
Smart cards by Edsys obviously! They offer cashless payment and when your child buys food or beverages from the school canteen or stationary items from school book store, the appropriate amount of purchase would be deducted from the Point of Sale and you will get the statement of purchase.

3. You go to pay your child’s school fees but when it’s your turn to pay the fees, you don’t remember any information about your child such as the roll number or the division he/she is studying in.

It’s a common scene in fees counters of schools where parents go on a hunt in their bags to get information about their child that is necessary to pay the fees. Forget the struggle by using Smart cards by Edsys. You have all your child’s information stored in there which can be easily used for fee payment. Also you can top up the smart cards from the school’s fee counter.

4. Your child goes to the school library to borrow or return a book but suddenly remembers that he/she left the library card at home
Since Smart cards have all student information stored in them, it can be used in school libraries to borrow or return books. They can be used to mark library attendance too.

Apart from its use in the educational field, about a billion Smart cards are used across the globe for various other purposes.

  • In many countries, payphones are equipped with card readers thus freeing you from carrying coins or remembering long access codes
  • Smart cards can be used to properly identify and bill a mobile user
  • Smart banking cards can be used in place of credit cards, debit cards etc. for secure and cashless payment transactions
  • Smart cards can be used for payments while making purchases and also in taxis or buses
  • Smart cards can be used in health sector for verifying patients or to access information about the patients
  • Smart cards can be used for verification processes and can even tore information such as user’s photograph or fingerprints

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